Beauty Routine Of Eiza Gonzalez Hollywoodgossip
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Beauty Routine Of Eiza Gonzalez Hollywoodgossip

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Beauty Routine Of Eiza Gonzalez Hollywoodgossip

We have always seen Eiza González look impeccable on the red carpet and on the big screen, but for the 28 year old girl, off camera while less makeup, the better. Josh Duhamel’s new girlfriend spoke with W Magazine, and explained that having a simple life and loving oneself naturally does not mean it is low maintenance. Let’s see the answers he gave to the magazine about his beauty routine:

Beauty Routine Of Eiza Gonzalez Hollywoodgossip

A good skin begins with:

Eiza Gonzalez: “Water! It’s economical and underestimated.”

The best advice from your dermatologist:

EG: “You never tan!” 10 minutes of sun a day is good for vitamin D, but tanning is terrible for your skin Dehydrates, creates sunspots, and can give you skin cancer Protect it and always put on sunscreen Also, you will accelerate your aging, we never want that!

The best advice from your cosmetologist:

EG: “Do not pinch yourself, keep your hands away from your face, the less you touch it, the less permanent damage you will do to it”.

Miracle of makeup

EG: “Correctors”.

The most underestimated product:

EG : “Aloe Vera and coconut oil”

You never leave the house without this:

EG: “Honestly, just a lipstick or maybe I do not go out without curling my eyelashes, but I try not to use makeup daily.”

My hair colorist always says:

EG: “Do not exaggerate with style, healthy hair is evident and when you’re working your hair goes through a lot of work, my motto of life outside of the set is self-love, I love my skin, my hair, my body, and I’m gentle with and always be simple. ”

How are your nails:

EG: “It’s all about balance, give your nails a break from time to time, and I almost never use acrylics, the last time I did I broke two of my real nails, fake scenes and nails do not get along ”

Beauty from the inside out:

EG: “This is my strong point, I am obsessed with my health, I have a blood test every 6 months to see if there is something that is causing me fatigue, fatigue, or dark thoughts, and obviously like being in my best version. Blood does not lie, from the vitamins that I lack to the natural foods, it is an educational guide to connect my physique internally with my looks externally, to educate ourselves in what our body needs is the key for me because we spend so much time feeding our bodies with the wrong things and loading us with vitamins that can be counterproductive.

Required exercise:

EG: “My coach is what people would call a beast, I discovered and understood my style when I met him, he helped me raise my testosterone levels with exercises and meet exactly my body’s needs, he is my nutritionist and guru. I love outdoor activities, rock climbing and surfing are my two favorite things in life. ”

Favorite drink:

EG: “Green juices do not fail, if there is something that your body will never tire of it is green, they help to reduce inflammation, to the sight, energy, and to purify your skin.” The benefits of green juice are infinite and today there are incredible options. ”

Best kept beauty secret:

EG: “Protect your skin from the sun”.

Beauty myth that you would like to clarify:

EG: “The need to use aggressive and laser treatments on your skin There are so many home remedies that give you the same results, but they just take a little more time.”

Beauty Routine Of Eiza Gonzalez Hollywoodgossip

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Beauty Routine Of Eiza Gonzalez Hollywoodgossip