Chico Bon Bon: Monkey with a Tool Belt
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Chico Bon Bon: Monkey with a Tool Belt Review 2020 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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Chico Bon Bon: Monkey with a Tool Belt Review 2020 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Stars: Robbie Daymond, Dayci Brookshire, Anthony Tedesco

This is the Latest Review of Chico Bon Bon: Monkey with a Tool Belt TV Series Netflix. It is Released on 8 May 2020. Season 1. I hope that you will like the summary. This is a nanny for children a diploma core of a couple in this is the first thing on my agenda my name is Ray Charles review car 2 series anime series also big completely random and today will be Coco bump on the monkey with the two rich yes miss Li a new anime series and yes I’m it sick that’s had it wrong I’m sorry about that but besides.

This new animated series is actually based on the book with called title monkey with a to the branch I’m back I can see the word just go with the anyway this especially is very close but very definite action from the book by itself is basically very simple you found this Coco monkey.

who basically fixes things in the forest with his friends, of course, he does have a little dangerous side because there are people are trying to catch rent because he’s still a while animal piece I said the book is very basic very kind of trying to teach you things how the things work.

I hope that you must like my summary. I’m on his world but a very friendly way but I have to admit the main thing the book is interesting is so all the things he trying to fixing and that sort of numbing focus on the book II also the show because the show is Bessie took a lot of stuff all these some ideas from the book.

II made his own thing take a bit of sort of a spin upstairs because in the showroom monkey Mara monkey Coco monkey he’s not in the force anymore he’s in the big city has his own company and gets caused to fix anything around the town like fixing the clock of helping this famous singer remove his opinion or two very tough to give his performance once more it’s sometimes kind of odd I mean odd the first episode.

He trying to fix underwear yeah because it’s sort of a tradition in the town to wear very fancy underwear and the mayor’s fancy underwear is broken and like my review. It gets weird but a type of good weird I guess it’s something that I wasn’t expecting that’s I’m trying to say now personality-wise Coco multi really doesn’t have a very strong person I don’t think you know he’s a very good very hopeful who tries to do his best you also have new characters to bring it I don’t know the book has all the kids.

That just read one book so yeah yep Albert characters called rainbow scarf in tongue yeah I don’t know they’re actually new characters in the series but they don’t have that huge person I asked like Cochabamba but they understand to these that clarify what they are or cliff.

I could like confine what they find there we go especially rainbow is the driver who is supportive you also have scary I know pie sitting it wrong again but he is missing the big guy who had two strengths we have sensitive ish was more I’m trying to understand the characters but they don’t show enough personality anyway you have tiny.

He basically sorts of the sunny type who does all the stunts but he’s like very small they using very clever ways sort of scenarios now words basically this show is busy is a kind of Tiny Toons commenting fixing things by showing sort of a little bit of science all these the basis of science or fixing things.

How you basically think other things I mean I’m making too complicated but you need to understand what I’m trying to say one thing I really enjoy about this show is the characters I’m servicing sort of educational shows very prideful always try to make a good character sign I mean that’s sort of common sense.

I expect that you would like my review. If you’re animator but it really shows like education shells they really do that and this one how is CGI a night used original designs and mainly own thing Mickey’s really impelling T?

How sharp and square they are they have a lot of angles that just grab your attention and me kind of want them to be toys so I collect them and put it on my shelf yeah it’s that kind of type of design.

You just enjoy the music the voice I mean everything is oh good I mean the show is focused on two things comedy in education show. You how things outside the box and the process of everything you do and that is good enough for me because I was entertained odd moments here there because they tried to do something different but the end.

I enjoy it’s fun you see this kind of like this a sort of campy kind of feeling so I’m like a West but not of du Siehst like it just in the middle of like it feels perfect yeah it’s kind of manic type of joining me if you want to see it and please like my summary.

I have to say if you are animator you just don’t want to see something unique watch a series or you want to see something fun dopey I still recommend it but if not the tongue your thing yeah don’t watch it nor it but besides that, I had fun watching this series I got really nothing else to say just thank you for watching. Hope that you must have liked this review.

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Chico Bon Bon: Monkey with a Tool Belt Review 2020 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online