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Doom of Love 2022 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

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Doom of Love 2022 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

Beautiful people, beautiful landscapes, and melodrama: these are some of the ingredients that director Hilal Saral uses for “Love Sentence,” Netflix’s new romantic drama. Although it is not a particularly innovative or memorable piece, the director (who has more than 20 years of experience directing soap operas) produces a product that is likely to satisfy lovers of Turkish dramas.

Firat (Boran Kuzum) goes on a spiritual retreat when his obituary company goes bankrupt. Depressed and aimless in life, he meets Lydia (Pinar Deniz) and Yusuf (Yigit Kirazci), a couple of musicians far from the material who travel around Turkey living off his music. Enraptured by Lydia’s ease and beauty, Firat joins them and discovers how the most important thing in life is not material things, but love.

If you told me that this movie is a commercial for a coaching company with beautiful meditation destinations, I would totally believe it: the beautiful locations and actors make the idea very attractive. Sure, it’s very easy to sell the concept of material detachment when the characters have no real conflict over that resignation: yes, Firat loses his business, but his journeys with Lydia and Yusuf always end up in beautiful places that welcome them with open arms for listen to your music; and, in the rare cases in which he needs money, his friends always willingly lend it to him.

This leads to one of the film’s big problems: the plot, or lack thereof. More than a progressive romance , the film is a series of vignettes connected by musical montages by the band in which the group learns different lessons (a bit like the shallow “Eat, Pray, Love”). Yes, lessons are learned, but they all happen so easily and without any problem, that the truth is that nothing remains in the memory, and when the third act finally presents a strong conflict, it ends very quickly and with a confusing ending that pulls throw away any obstacles overcome by the protagonists.

To this is added the visual and sound proposal: to be a film about how beautiful it is not to conform to the rules, there is nothing risky or new in the photo or in the soundtrack or in the staging. The sad and happy moments are accentuated by an obvious soundtrack, while the photography (despite its beautiful locations) does not bring anything new to what a tourist video of those very popular on YouTube could show. All of this results in a rather superficial and conventional piece whose supposedly deep theme is never explored well.

“Love Sentence” is not a complete waste of time: it delivers its dose of romance, beautiful people and escapist landscapes. Audiences of hers may enjoy it, especially with the rise in popularity of Turkish melodramas, but for a work that promised a powerful introspective journey, it’s disappointing.

Doom of Love 2022 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online