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Emma Watson very much in love with Leo Robinton

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Emma Watson very much in love with Leo Robinton

Emma Watson very much in love with Leo Robinton . According to a new report, the “Little Women” actress is so in love with her boyfriend that she wants a long future for their relationship.

“Emma is very much in love with Leo and it is the happiest they have seen her in a relationship in a million years,” the source told the new issue of Us Weekly. “They are so connected in every way and spend all their free time together.”

Watson and Robinton, both 31, were first related in October 2019 when they were seen kissing outside a venue in Noting Hill, London. Daily Mail identified the businessman in April, noting that the Harry Potter actress had already introduced him to his parents in December.

Last month Emma spoke about the rumors about her career and relationship (they said she was engaged), making it clear that when she has important news of her personal and professional life she will let her fans know that everything else they see is just click bait reports. So, this is one of those too. The tale goes on to say that Emma doesn’t see her romance with Robinton in the long run.

“Emma is very willing and her heart is set for a long-term future with him, but she doesn’t want to rush the commitment,” the insider told Us. “She was a bit upset when people started gossiping about an engagement at hand, but that was really a private thing.”

Sure! Emma just said that all those rumors about her are bull sh! T but a “source” told Us that she does not want to rush things, aka, engagement. HA! What’s more, Emma’s’ close circle ‘hopes’ that’ they will announce their engagement soon ‘, very soon

“Her and Leo’s friends really expect them to make things official at some point in the future, but they are happy with things as they are now,” says the source. “The main thing for them is to have love and trust with each other, and Emma does not need a ring or a piece of paper to be happy.”

RIGHT! Because the source got into Emma’s head to find out that. In February, Watson’s rep denied that her career was dormant or that she was retiring from acting to focus on her boyfriend Robinton. “Emma’s social media is down but her career isn’t.”

So, now according to sources, Emma Watson very much in love with Leo Robinton, sees their relationship very long-lasting.

Emma Watson very much in love with Leo Robinton