Go! Live Your Way
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Go! Live Your Way Review 2019 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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Go! Live Your Way Review 2019 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Stars:Laura Azcurra, Riley Beres, Darcy Rose Byrnes

Review: In terms of series, whether local or foreign, there may not be such a complicated genre to review as that of juvenile (and musical) novels. It is not because the offered product is of a complexity difficult to approach analytically. The drawback is that it is so notorious the repetition of situations, the stereotyped characters, the style in the songs, and even in the scenarios, that we ourselves are forced to fall in the same places when we talk about them. Like those productions, just by exchanging names here and there we could be talking about Violetta or Soy Luna , to name a few examples.

In Go! Live your way , the story follows Mia ( Pilar Pascual ), a talented and brave girl who lives with her adoptive godmother, gets a scholarship to study at the prestigious Saint Mary’s Academy, a school renowned for its acclaimed art department and its privileged students. Mia seeks to adapt to her new school, but faces the daughter of the owner, the most talented and popular girl in the academy. With the help of her two new friends, Mia decides to conquer Saint Mary, even capturing the attention of the heartbreaker and basketball player … the brother of her rival.

Let’s be honest, how many cliches did you find just by reading the synopsis? We assure you that just by watching a few minutes of the series in question you will be able to find many more, but that is something as negative as positive. The reality is that the formula works, that is, you do not have to fix what is not broken, and the best Netflix could do is go to the insurance (which is what all the channels do with this style of productions) to be able to ensure success

If we have to talk about the series itself, the disadvantage can be summarized in that we have seen the same in countless occasions, with the caveat that this time there is a slight influence by the streaming service. We mean that it is built to be marauded. While we did not achieve that need to reproduce the next chapter instantly (perhaps because we are no longer part of its target, if we ever were), we appreciate that slight narrative change appropriate for the generation of the binge -watching .

In short, Go! Live your way does not bring anything new in a genre that was never characterized by renewal. It could be said that he is on par with his “sisters”, sharing ground and struggling to excel without merit, or as our beloved Mafalda would say: “Once again soup …”

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Go! Live Your Way Review 2019 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online