Good Morning, Verônica SEASON 2
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Good Morning, Verônica Season 2 Review 2022 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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Good Morning, Verônica Season 2 Review 2022 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Good morning Veronica, a bleak Brazilian Netflix original from a couple of years ago, came as a surprise in a way. While it masqueraded as your usual crime thriller, with a sad protagonist with a troubled past investigating seemingly parallel cases that eventually became linked, it was insidiously an incredibly tight and believable exploration of the violence – particularly at home – that men commit against Women. His mundane, everyday horrors were plentiful and more powerful than his genre staples, and the advice to seek help when you’re in similar circumstances that surfaced at the end of each episode felt more and more relevant as the season progressed.

But what also happened as the season progressed was that the storyline became more and more embroiled in a larger conspiracy, a fairly obligatory mafia conspiracy that eventually overwhelmed it, and in that storyline lies the second season of the show, which has six episodes rather than the previous eight, perhaps mercifully, things are catching up. Veronica, our intrepid former police officer, is deeply involved in the investigation of organized crime, motivated by revenge and transformed into a rather boring, ass-kicking action heroine in real time.

To his honor Good morning Veronica Season 2 continues to delve into themes of manipulation and abuse, albeit of an admittedly glossier, more sensational sort, focusing primarily on a villain far more archaic and made for TV than the frighteningly ordinary-looking Claudio in season one. This may be a spoiler, but the photogenic evangelist with a seemingly perfect family is Not a good guy – I know, who would have thought?

While Veronica’s backstory provided quite an enticing additional mystery in the first season, it was really the danger Janete was in that engaged viewers; In fact, it was also what kept Veronica, damaged as she was, tied to the case. Without that very human center, the show is somewhat lacking this time around, having ditched the horror of plausibility in favor of a shallower, less believable story that ups the ante in the wrong way.

Bigger isn’t necessarily better, after all, and while there are fewer episodes than before, there’s a sense of plot scale in Season 2 that doesn’t fit; it never manages to build the kind of white-knuckle tension that the first outing might regularly deliver in simple tabletop scenes. It can still make dark and spooky developments with the best of them, but since they’re not anchored by that sense of real danger, it’s a lot harder to deal with.

There’s a real reason Netflix just shouldn’t have bothered with this sequel. The first season had such a solid, understated reputation that it seems a shame to sully that with a much fancier and over-the-top sequel that really loses a lot of what made the first season special. I can’t help but imagine fans will be disappointed with the outcome, although there’s still a half-decent puzzle to keep viewers going through to the end.

Good Morning, Verônica Season 2 Review 2022 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online