High Speed Roll Up Doors

High-Speed Roll-Up Doors: Essential Insights for Your Business

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What are High-Speed Roll-Up Doors?

High-speed roll-up doors, also known as rapid roll doors. These are designed for environments requiring efficient and quick access control. The High-speed roll-up Doors UK Company is a trustable and older supplier in this field. These doors operate at significantly higher speeds compared to traditional roll-up doors. In this guide, let’s try to study some common answers for highly asked doubts by clients.  

What is a Rapid Roller Door?

DELTA SPEED 5000 COMBI                                DELTA SPEED 7000 DYNAMICALLY

DELTA SPEED 8000                                             DELTA SPEED 7000 FOOD PE

DELTA SPEED 7000 FREEZER                            DELTA SPEED 7000 CLEAN

Applications of Rapid Roller Doors

  1. Manufacturing Facilities: To streamline the movement of materials and personnel between different sections.
  2. Cold Storage: To maintain strict temperature controls and prevent energy loss.
  3. Clean Rooms: Ensuring quick access while maintaining contamination-free environments.
  4. Automotive Industry: Facilitating rapid and smooth access in assembly lines and maintenance areas.

How Do You Strengthen a Roller Door?

Reinforced Slats: Upgrading to reinforced slats made from stronger materials like steel or aluminium. This can significantly increase the door’s resistance to impact and break-ins.

Heavy-Duty Tracks and Guides: Installing heavy-duty tracks and guides ensures that the door operates smoothly.

High-Security Locks: We incorporate high-security locking mechanisms, such as multi-point locks or electronic access control systems, to enhance the overall security of the door.

Wind Bracing: You need to know for areas prone to high winds for adding wind bracing.  to the door can prevent damage

Why are Roll-Up Doors So Expensive?

Material Quality

Our High-speed roll-up doors are constructed from premium materials. This contains reinforced PVC, aluminium, steel, and so on. The quality of these materials contributes significantly to the overall cost.

Advanced Technology

We at high speed roll up the door and also supply accessories. Advanced technology features are included in these. For example, high-speed motors, sophisticated control systems, safety features, motion sensors, and emergency stops. 

Customization Options

Customers can modify their shutter with us by applying different sizes, shades, materials, and different phases of motors meanwhile security features. It may vary the cost of building to installation. 

Expertise in Dealing With Installation Complexity

The installation of high-speed roll up doors requires specialized skills and equipment. However, our professional installers ensure that the door functions correctly and safely. But it also adds to the total expense. The proper knowledge of judgement to finish the process we follow professional guidelines. 

Long-Term Savings

We know that investing in high-speed roll up doors can result in long-term savings through improved energy efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, and enhanced productivity. Moreover, these benefits often justify the higher upfront investment.


The special edition high-speed roll-up doors are the perfect product for high-movement areas in large-size industrial infrastructures without any doubt. There are many different categories with separate elements to choose according to you needs  of the place. Moreover,  The high-speed roll-up door company UK is a considerable option with all supportive lifetime services. We promise the guarantee of quality and excellence in fitting.  

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