In His Shadow 2023 Movie Review
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In His Shadow 2023 Movie Review

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In His Shadow 2023 Movie Review

In His Shadow (Le Roi des Ombres) is a thriller movie written and directed by Marc Fouchard starring Kaaris and Alassane Diong.

An original thriller because of its protagonist (who is blind, hence the title) and which tells us the story of two brothers very much in the Goodfellas vein: style, sense of rhythm and balancedly imbalanced narrative.

Surprising and very well directed, one of those films that know how to attract attention due to its narrative style and its good script, which is delivered through a voice-over and tells us a story of the kind that is worth being told and that knows how to recount, defend and develop it.

This time we go to France, perhaps less elegant, but also a reality, much like Little Italy in New York that we have heard so much about. It’s no coincidence, In His Shadow wants to look like a different Scorsese, maybe without the strength nor the production, but with “another” story to tell that knows how to move equally well in this tale of crime and brothers at odds.

It has an appealing flashback structure, and the central theme knows how to wait to unfold and develop the dramatic thriller it conceals.

Characters that the actors enjoy playing and that the viewers savour, with a real and well-developed conflict.

The technical aspect is not the strong point of the film: it does the best it can, it defends itself, but in that aspect it is far from a production with Robert de Niro or similar.

An excellent setting, a very well-planned narrative ecosystem around which the protagonists swim.

Our Opinion

A good story, well developed, with characters and a conflict that it knows how to explain, develop and exploit.

A movie built upon a script that lets the story develop, and, as there is an interesting story to tell, it is to be expected that it turns out well.

In His Shadow 2023 Movie Review