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La Venganza de las Juanas Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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La Venganza de las Juanas Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Starring Juana Arias, Sofía Engberg, Oka Giner, Renata Notni and Zuria Vega, “Revenge of the Juanas”Is an adaptation of the Colombian telenovela“ Las Juanas ”, written by Bernardo Romero Pereiro in 1997. The production follows five women who do not know each other at all, but who discover that they have the same birthmark, so they must investigate the mystery surrounding his birth.

‘This is a story from 1997. When my dad wrote it, his idea was to make a very light story, a bit of comedy. He was a very feminist man and his stories always had very strong female characters. This story has been around many times and has been done several times, but when we started talking to Netflix about this project I said that I had always wanted to make this story from a side that has never been done, like a thriller, which is my favorite genre. ”, Jimena Romero, screenwriter and creator, toldGlamor Mexico.

“It really seemed to me that the plot of the story lent itself perfectly because the mystery is there from the beginning. So I hope my dad, wherever he is, thinks it’s a good idea to do the story like this. I think the story was worth reinventing because it lent itself so well to a suspenseful story, “he added.

Previously, this story was adapted in Mexico in 2018 under the title of “Daughters of the moon”Starring Michelle Renaud, Danilo Carrera, Geraldine Galván, Mario Morán, Jade Fraser, Jonathan Becerra, Lore Graniewicz and Gonzalo Peña.

According to the synopsis of “Revenge of the Juanas”,” Five women who do not know each other discover that they all have the same birthmark. From that moment on, they began to investigate the mystery surrounding his birth and to look for the man who cheated on their mothers ”.

“I thought of each story separately. We wanted almost one to be able to do a series of each of them. Each one really lives its story, but they come together in moments. We are telling five stories of five women who are living their own dramas, have their secrets and face the same type of conflict in different ways ”, explained Jimena Romero in the aforementioned interview.

Likewise, she indicated that there are three words that mark the series: “ feminism, understood as that women have to feel in control of our lives and be the masters of our destiny. The second is something that I think we women, brotherhood in general, need. It is a call to respect what each one is and to know that together we are stronger than alone. And the third, bravery as being brave is taking control of your life at every level. These are very young women who do well. The revenge of the Juanas is actually a way of saying that these women are not victims of their past, of anyone, that is their revenge. I would like that to remain as a message for the women and men who see it ”.

La Venganza de las Juanas Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online