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Lost in Space 2018 TV Show Series Everything You Need to Know

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Lost in Space 2018 TV Show Series Everything You Need to Know

Creator: Irwin AllenMatt SazamaBurk Sharpless

Stars: Mina SundwallMolly ParkerToby Stephens

Review: TV SHEET Robinson whose mission to colonize a new planet with the possibility that Earth becomes uninhabitable, but his intergalactic journey ends badly in Lost in Space ( Lost in Space ), the new series and reboot science fiction Netflix , which was premiered in April at the international level.

Based on the classic science fiction of the 60s, the Lost in Space of Netflix is a modern reimagining of epic adventures beyond the stars of a family chosen to save the human species.

Apparently in the first trailer of the series, released on Wednesday, February 21, the Robinson family travels fearful but hopeful – dad, mom and three children – but in full swing, the emergency hits them light years from home. “Danger, Will Robinson”, is heard at the end of the robot that we will see next.

On Tuesday, March 6, Netflix launched a new trailer of Lost in Space , where, among other things, is revealed intergalactic accident Robinson family, the unknown planet becomes your home, a first glimpse of Dr. Smith ( Parker Posey ) and the robot – today of alien origin – that happens to be the main ally of Will Robinson ( Max Jenkins ). In addition, the advance has a lot, but a lot of action.

The pilot of Lost in Space was already released outside our atmosphere, in an exclusive and special function for the astronauts of the International Space Station.

Lost in Space in a reflection on human history on Earth and the future that contemplates trips to outer space.


The rest of human history begins now. Lost in Space is a new dramatic and modern version of the classic science fiction series of the 70s. Set 30 years in the future, colonization in space is already a reality and the Robinson family is among those put to the test and selected to make a new life in a better world. But when the new settlers are abruptly torn from the road to their new home, they must forge new alliances and work together to survive in a dangerous alien environment, light years away from their original destiny.

Stranded together with the Robinsons there are two strangers who are surrounded by circumstances and by a mutual gift for deception. The disturbing and charismatic Dr. Smith is a manipulative teacher with an inscrutable plan. And the rogue, but inadvertently charming, Don West ( Ignacio Serricchio ) is a highly skilled contractor who had no intention of joining the colony let alone landing on a lost planet.


The original version of Lost in Space was released in 1965, created by the legendary producer Irwin Allen , and was extended for three seasons by CBS , in the United States.

The series of 83 episodes, and whose first season was seen in black and white, was starring Guy Williams as John Robinson and June Lockhart as his wife, Maureen Robinson.

As in the Netflix version , the story unfolds 32 years in the future, in 1997, and begins when the government decides to send a space mission in search of a new habitable planet that can be colonized by the human species.

In conversation with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Zack Estrin argued that the Lost in Space reboot “is a true family adventure in the line of the original Jurassic Park .”

“I do not think there has been another show like this on television, that has this size and scope, and also excitement. There are not many family shows that everyone can see together. There are very few things that adults and children can enjoy together. I showed this to my father, who is 70 years old, and my daughters, who are 11 and 14 years old, and all were delighted for different reasons, “he said.

Estrin said that his reboot maintains the “core” that made special the original version of Lost in Space and even the film released in 1998, with William Hurt and Matt LeBlanc. What is that nucleus? The family, which “strives to stay together and to survive in this incredible circumstance”.

“Even if this show is Lost in Space , it could be a shipwreck on an island. It just happens that they are in space, but we think it will be attractive beyond the fans of the genre, “he added.

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Lost in Space 2018 TV Show Series Everything You Need to Know