Make Me Believe 2023 Movie
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Make Me Believe 2023 Movie Review

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Make Me Believe 2023 Movie Review

When people tell me romance is boring, I always assume they think of these movies. There is absolutely nothing new about this plot.

I don’t get why this is called a comedy, it is not funny at all. But let’s say all romantic non-sad movies are like that, and forget this criticism.

Yes, romantic movies are cheesy but why repeat what every single movie has already done and make it even more boring?

And why so many cliches? Let us count: meddling grandmas, good looking guy, good looking guys slightly worse looking friend, good looking girl, good looking girl’s slightly less good looking friend, summer in a place with a beach, enemies to lovers, childhood trauma, bad relationship with parents, a bet, developing relationship then a fight and then reconciliation.

Want Turkish movies that are more interesting? Let’s take the romantic comedy movies like Sen Kiminle Dans Ediyorsun- which is a ridiculous movie but at least it has its own charm and it’s not boring to the core. Romantic movies do not need to be boring!

Make Me Believe 2023 Movie Review