ReBoot The Guardian Code Review 2018 Tv Show
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ReBoot The Guardian Code Review 2018 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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ReBoot The Guardian Code Review 2018 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Creators: Michael HefferonSean Jara

Stars: Ty WoodAjay FrieseGabriel Darku

Review: ReBoot: TGC follows the journey of four teenagers, Austin, Parker, Tamra, and Trey. On their first day at Alan Turning High, these unsuspecting teens discover they’ve been preselected to become the Next-Generation Guardians of Cyberspace with a mission to save the world – by defending it in cyberspace. With the help of VERA, an artificial intelligence bio-constructed as a teenage girl, ReBoot: TGC’s heroes digitize into cyberspace where they use their code-based powers to combat viruses unleashed by a merciless hacker. Known only as the ‘Sourcerer’, this devious hacker seeks to rule the world by controlling cyberspace, and it’s up to the Guardians to stop him.

I only watched the first few episodes and then episode 10 (as a long term reboot fan it clear why) and i was severely disappointed. It’s another power rangers/VR Trooper/Tron Clone that is stereotypical and cliched. I wanted to gag throughout most of the show. It was obvious and predictable and frankly, ask why even bother using the ‘reboot’ name.

I was amazed that i will give some credit to megabyte and the ‘new enemy’ concept but it fails to play on the season 4 or the original reboot series. I have NO idea what this has to do with anything. It also completely mocks the original Reboot base who have been waiting for almost 20 years for a reboot and makes fans of the original series look terrible. Want a conclusion? You aren’t going to get it….

The Satire, humor and fun that existed in the original reboot is non-existent and frankly, that’s what made the original series fun to watch over and over again. Frankly, this seems like another teenage drama like Degrassi minus the controversy and without any kind of edginess.

Disappointed that some of the best characters are gone for a desensitized version reboot. I wouldn’t even call this reboot. This is something else entirely. Don’t waste your time unless you want to be disappointed.

As a stand alone that isn’t reboot, it might be passable. the acting is what i expected from the teenagers (not their fault) and found the whole thing remisent of VR troopers back in the 90s. Its a bit less Saban-esque fighting and the digital animation is kind of cool but again. This is NOT REBOOT.

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ReBoot The Guardian Code Review 2018 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online