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Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Just to be clear from the start, I have never watched the movie, read the comics or played the videogame, but i loved this.

I had heard that this was coming out a Long time ago and then Yesterday I realised that it was coming out tomorrow.

So today, as soon as I got Home i put this on an decided to binge the whole Series.

And this… Was nothing like what i had expectet.

I had heard, that movie and comics had this cool over top humor, but where still kinda chill and laid back.

Watching the first episode it seamed that Way, but then wait WTF just happend ?¿

This show Can be action packed, over the top, which it is most of the time but almost never, overdramatic.

It has that at times (like mentioned earlier) really laid back vibe.. But for some reason this over the top yet kinda laid back vibe fits so well together.

There are moments where you have no clue what’s happening with this almost Cartoony humor that dosn’t Care if things make sense.

But at other moments the story takes a way more quiet and Down to Earth approach, with realistic characters and emotions, these scenes could basically happen in real life.

And the art style works super well with both aproaches, Im guessing That’s probably one of the reasons the comic worked so well for a lot of people.

And the way they bring this animation to life is just insane, as I read another review say, they make scenes that 100+ million dollar Hollywood movies wouldn’t be able to pull of, but here it’s posible beacause it’s done in animation.

I also found this show to be odly selfaware without actually breaking the fourth wall.

It’s wierd beacause it reminds me of Scream in that way although the two of Them have not much else in common, although Im pretty sure one of the posters in Young Neil’s bedroom is a Scream reference.

The show is also really well thought out, basically everything that happens in this show happens for a reason, although not genius or anything it’s really fun to see come together.

And Wow that final… was just.

What Can i say… perfect.

So all in all in all this is a really great show, if youre reading this review your probably thinking about watching this show, and to you i say, yeah go ahead just watch it.

This show had Epic, over the top and WTF fight scenes and some really great and fun characters that also get Their own moments to shine once in a while.

The only reason i didn’t rate this higer, is beacause i didn’t Care that much for episode Four and Five, don’t get me wrong they weren’t terible But the plot didn’t really go anywhere in those two episodes and i didn’t Think they where as funny as the other 6.

But 1-3 and 6-8 are amazing and deserve your time.

I really hope they make another season wich i Think they will considering the epilouge, for once it could be fun if a Series just took a step backward in the next season to have more focus on the character development and the quieter moments.

Although this first season was a blast !!!

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online