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Senke nad Balkanom Review 2018 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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Senke nad Balkanom Review 2018 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Creators: Dragan Bjelogrlic

Stars: Dragan BjelogrlicAndrija KuzmanovicMarija Bergam

Review: First of all, this is something completely different than anything else that was released in Serbia in a past decade. It’s too exciting and pilot was great. Bjela did a great job like with Montevideo. There is a murder, twists, suspects, there are Cozacs from Russia, VMRO from Macedonia, there are Germans, Serbs and a few more interesting groups. If I can compare this one with something famous it will be Peaky Blinders for sure. My recommendations to everyone.

I am very demanding as audience about Movies and especially TV Series, because they last longer and take more of viewers time. What I always hated in TV Series is the pace, plot is usually unfolding slower than it should, and there are always numerous filler characters and subplots that are only there to prolong series run-time. After watching 7 episodes of “Senke nad Balkanom”, I can be sure that this wasn’t just lucky shot with the pilot episode, the series is expanding, developing and becoming even better and better. Each episode brings us new plot twists and complications that are not forced, they emerge from character relations and events that have happened in previous episodes. They are somehow logical, natural and fluid with the main story-line, yet they are unexpected. Nothing is predictable in the series and that is absolutely amazing. Those screenwriters done their job right this time. Characters – there are no “filler” characters. Whoever takes screen time, it will have it’s importance and impact on the plot, sooner or later. Sex scenes and secret love affairs – those are not there only for nudity. Every affair has its own impact on the story. I am absolutely amazed how every character is a piece of a puzzle that is coming together in such a perfect way. Every subplot is interesting on its own, but how subplots are intertwined is what is fascinating (perfection of that can be compared with Westworld series, season 1). And all of that put together in a historical frame. This is what historical fiction is all about, this is how historical fiction should look like. I can only hope that Dragan Bjelogrlic will keep up the good work. This is his Magnum opus and I hope that this series can become international hit, can pay off and enable Dragan Bjelogrlic to finish all planned 3 seasons at this quality level.

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Senke nad Balkanom Review 2018 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online