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Station 19 Review 2018 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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Station 19 Review 2018 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online


Creator: Stacy McKee

Stars: Jaina Lee OrtizJason GeorgeGrey Damon

Review: It’s constantly unpredictable to make an appraisal of another show in light of simply the pilot, yet on account of “Station 19,” there are a couple of pleasant admonitions. One, the firefighter procedural is a spinoff of Shonda Rhimes’ “Dark’s Anatomy,” the gem in the crown of her Shondaland TV realm. Two, the pilot is better than average — a refreshingly contrivance free character dramatization about the increased air of a fire station, focused on the intense lady at its inside. Given the constrained window TV pilots need to get the group of onlookers’ consideration, this is no little accomplishment. Be that as it may, all the more vitally, “Station 19” addresses a portion of the spent quirks of Shondaland appears by withdrawing into subtler region. Apparently, “Station 19” is the outfit’s best pilot since the superb presentation scene of “Dim’s Anatomy” — one that winningly stresses character over prosper.

The focal character is Andy Herrera (Jaina Lee Ortiz), an athletic second-age firefighter who appears to have a wisecrack and a grin for everybody she knows. In a Shakespearean curve in the debut, her dad — the boss — is out of the blue compelled to name a successor. Andy’s the normal pioneer, however she’s outranked by her beau, Jack (Gray Damon). Energized by her ex, Ryan (Alberto Frezza), Andy approaches her dad to think about her for skipper. The finish of Andy’s bend is generally clear, in any event in this scene. Be that as it may, the procedure — which has Andy recalibrating her associations with three unique men throughout her life as she deals with her sentiments of desire and deficiency — is misleadingly intricate. Andy is asking the men throughout her life on the off chance that they can consider her to be a girl, a sentimental accomplice, or a companion, in the event that she turns into everybody’s supervisor. In a perfect world, their answer would be that it doesn’t make a difference. In any case, in a way that opens up roads for investigation, Andy’s want to be a contender causes some uneasiness. “Station 19” is setting itself up to be a manual for requesting more, by perceiving that soliciting is only the start from the voyage.

Showrunner and maker Stacy McKee had an unenviable assignment in endeavoring to detail a fire division procedural that could both occupy an indistinguishable universe from “Dim’s Anatomy” without unmistakably duplicating NBC’s effective “Chicago Fire.” “Station 19” offers a particularly Shondaland wind on the fire station dramatization, without turning to the tricks of “Outrage,” “How to Get Away with Murder,” or the most recent endeavor “For the People.” The new dramatization dials down the uplifted feelings and mercury exchange that are signs of the Rhimes mark for a sturdier, subtler story. Since this is a Shondaland appear, the back portion of the pilot features an alluring couple getting bare with each other. In any case, at any rate “Station 19” feels more like a show about characters than a sizzle reel intended to bring out a disposition, which places it significantly better than the opposition.

Television Review: ‘Dim’s Anatomy’ Spinoff ‘Station 19’

Dramatization, 13 scenes (pilot looked into): Thurs. Walk 22, 9 p.m. 60 min.

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Station 19 Review 2018 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online