Succession Review 2018
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Succession Review 2018 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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Succession Review 2018 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Creator: Jesse Armstrong

Stars: Hiam AbbassBrian CoxKieran Culkin

Review: Great replacement for House Of Cards. HBO is getting more in touch with exposing America’s addictive ethos while Netflix is pandering to mediocre diversity. Gritty truth is always more compelling than blank-slate fantasy.From the acting to the writing, this show does the ‘family dynasty’ plot line significantly better than other recent attempts. Will definitely keep watching. Well rounded show in every aspect.

This series has been slyly promoted as inspired by the Murdoch dynasty, which can’t help but create certain expectations. And, why not, because the politics and the family dynamics around the Murdoch succession would make for a pretty good series. But for all the verisimilitude, Succession doesn’t quite measure up. The problem for those in the know is that the dynamics of the Murdoch clan are more interesting than anything offered up here. And the more Succession tries to make its possible successors interesting and quirky – Kieran Culkin’s wacky Roman Roy being the most obvious example – the less convincing it all seems. For those looking for a thinly veiled evisceration of Rupert it’s also an exercise in diminishing returns. Brian Cox’s family patriarch is frail from the outset, and possibly a bit senile as well. And it’s hard to imagine Rupert ever even considering ceding power to any of his wives, as Logan Roy does. In Murdoch terms, Logan is a bit of a pussy, as are most of his offspring. If you’re going to base a series on a real family dynasty, then you might as well go for broke and make it as sleazy and as nasty as the real thing.

I loved the first episode! Basically Episode 1 introduces all of the characters and the premise. The stand out actor was Matthew Macfadyen who plays Tom, Shiv’s boyfriend. The critics agree. Macfadyen is always good. He plays a real jerk who acts in different to each character he interacts with. The other amusing actor was Greg the nephew.


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Succession Review 2018 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online