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Summer Heat Review 2022 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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Summer Heat Review 2022 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

‘Summer Heat’ (real title: ‘Temporada de Verão’) is packed with a warm feeling cool enough to seduce young adult fans. The story is about the playful and young staff of the Maresias Hotel, who come from different walks of life. But wearing the same blue children’s uniforms, they fought the usual daily battle with the invincible spirit. The end of the emotional journey is heartbreaking, as we leave a few questions behind. Summer Heat.

The Summer Heat series begins at the top when Roderigo asks for Catarina’s hands at the wedding. However, things got worse when Catarina caught Roderigo in love with a girl named Helena shortly thereafter. She was also shocked when police arrested Cecilia, Catarina’s mother, on a charge of money laundering. With this tragedy, Catarina is left homeless. However, Catarina and Helena took a deep breath after Catarina joined the hotel staff.

Another season at the bohemian Maresia Hotel on the remote Shell Island. Maresia and Vilma welcomed the recruits the morning after the party. Among the nominees are Miguel, leader, Diego, dreamer, Yasmin, recipient, Helena, binge-watcher, Conrado singer, and Marilia, a yoga instructor. Marilia is in an undisclosed relationship with Diego, who developed a love affair with Catarina.

Diego is devastated by the death of his brother Danilo, who drank heavily and drowned in a dam while they were at school. To overcome his fears, Diego decides to become a security guard. When Marilia dislikes the job, Catarina becomes her guardian angel. (Summer Heat) Conrado’s proud parents asked him to accompany them on a second day, but friends rescued Conrado from the taxi. In another development, Yasmin confesses to Maresia that she is his daughter.

Miguel and Conrado went to Rodrigo’s place to sell him weeds. Rodrigo’s father, Elias, gets Rodrigo a drug addict and plans to use the information to tarnish the hotel’s image. You want to use the hotel space to build a spa. Yasmin, on the other hand, gets into trouble for posting politically motivated statements. Vilma chases her away, but Maresia gains her daughter’s trust and returns it. Maresia anoints Yasmin as “The Big Rider,” building a peaceful relationship. The city girl Yasmin can’t really swim, but Maresia teaches her surf lessons.

Conrado’s sexual orientation remains a question until he tries to kiss Miguel. However, Miguel gets tough – especially after his kiss with Yasmin. In the meantime, Catarina tries to escape her emptiness even after her mother’s problems. When friends plan to buy an AC that sells an unwanted phone, Catarina gets the job to do just that.

He claims to have survived the burglary but has bought an expensive wallet with money. However, after Yasmin almost called her, Catarina finds a way to get AC money while she is storing supplies, thanks to Rodrigo.

However, Yasmin reveals Catarina’s secret to Helena at the end-of-month party, who tells the whole party. At the same time, employees face other, more important issues. Elias wants to take over the local villages, and when Maresia takes sides with the local people, war breaks out. Conrado walks away, taking the fall of Miguel’s action of using acid on Rodrigo, but he returns at last. With some help from Catarina, Diego also overcame his fears and passed both tests.

However, she decides to pursue medical education at her home in Chile, asking Catarina to accompany her. Catarina admits at first thought that she changes her mind when she visits her mother. Miguel sees Yasmin kissing Chai and is overcome with anxiety. In addition, a stranger attacks and robs his father of expensive drugs, which is Parkinson’s. “Summer Heat.”

On the other hand, the astrologer Helena joins Leo, her fifth-grade bully who used to call her “Free Willy.” Leo tries to persuade her to move to Hawaii with him, but Helena can’t make decisions. While some struggle to let go of the past, others are crippled by promises of the future – but what is the present for them?

Apparently, Catarina took a credit card. It is the same credit card he is trying to give Diego, but Diego politely refuses. (Summer Heat) When Ms. Paula asks about her credit card, Catarina plays a management role. Ms. Paula arrives again at the end of the season, this time with the police. Looking at the trail, he is convinced that his unauthorized credit card transactions took place on the hotel premises.

After an interrogation, the police wanted to take Maresia to prison, but in time, Catarina came to the fore. As she confessed to the police, Catarina bought a number of items with a credit card. He also sold it all at his online store. Credit cards cannot withdraw cash on their own. Thus, Catarina’s actions appear to be a clever way of turning credit card purchases into real money.

It is unclear why he stole the card. When Diego asked him why he did not have the right answer. Are you a kleptomaniac? Is Catarina not above her abuse status even after the trial and phone call? Is he stealing money to protect his MBA in Switzerland? (Summer Heat) None of these ideas give us a logical answer. However, he may be stealing money to pay off his mother’s debt.

When Catarina goes to meet Cecilia in prison, Cecilia suggests that the reason for her cheating was to give Catarina a comfortable life. In Catarina’s case, however, the confession should be more intense than the pain. Somehow, he feels guilty about everything, including his mother’s sentence. After experiencing the emptiness of material things, he may have decided that he would not be indebted to his money-loving mother. So, he sells the goods he bought with the card and sends the money to his lawyer. Summer Heat.

Summer Heat Review 2022 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online