The Perfect Find 2023 Movie
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The Perfect Find 2023 Movie Review

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The Perfect Find 2023 Movie Review

“The Perfect Find” is the latest film released by Netflix, bringing with it a captivating story that delves into the world of fashion. The plot follows the journey of a fashion editor who, after a period of absence, decides to return to work. However, she encounters an unexpected situation: she discovers that she kissed her boss’s son at a party, and now they must navigate this unlikely connection while working together.

The film presents a seemingly simple plot, but that does not mean it is of inferior quality. On the contrary, “The Perfect Find” manages to entertain the audience throughout its one and a half hours of runtime. Much of this entertainment can be attributed to the brilliant performances of the cast, who deliver emotion and laughter in various moments. Additionally, the well-selected soundtracks contribute to intensifying the emotions experienced by the characters and the audience. The relationship between the protagonists is skillfully written, allowing them to undergo a process of growth throughout the narrative. This aspect deserves recognition, especially in a romantic comedy genre film. It is worth noting that the movie is not just a comedy but rather a work that skillfully transitions between different moments and genres, thanks to Numa Perrier’s competent direction. The director demonstrates her mastery of the cinematic language by bringing well-constructed settings, elaborate costumes, and visually pleasing cinematography to the screen.

A notable aspect of “The Perfect Find” is the pace of the story, which is not rushed despite its short duration. The film develops the relationships between the characters in a natural and satisfying way, allowing the audience to emotionally connect with the narrative. It is an experience that flows harmoniously, leaving no loose ends or hurried progressions.

Despite the praise bestowed thus far, it is important to highlight that the film also has its negative aspects. One of them relates to the dialogue, which, although not bad, does not stand out as memorable. The dialogues serve their purpose of conveying the necessary information but fail to leave a lasting impact on the viewer. This lack of memorable dialogue may eventually contribute to the film being less memorable over time.

A possible theme that “The Perfect Find” seeks to address is the acceptance of relationships between people of different age groups. The film focuses on the relationship between a 40-year-old woman and a 22-year-old man, exploring the challenges and nuances of this unlikely connection. This theme, while subtly present, can provoke reflections on prejudices and social barriers existing in today’s society.

In conclusion, “The Perfect Find” is a film worth investing your time in. Although it may be considered forgettable, you will certainly be entertained and have fun throughout its duration. If you are looking for a light and enjoyable option to unwind, this film is a solid choice. So, if you find yourself with nothing to do, take the opportunity to watch “The Perfect Find”!

The Perfect Find 2023 Movie Review