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The Reason Why Dakota Johnson And Chris Martin Keep Their Relationship Private Hollywoodgossip

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The Reason Why Dakota Johnson And Chris Martin Keep Their Relationship Private Hollywoodgossip

A very famous person can cause quite a stir. But two very famous people in a relationship can somehow disappear.

The Reason Why Dakota Johnson And Chris Martin Keep Their Relationship Private Hollywoodgossip

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson have been out for about six months now, and they barely saw them together for the first time when the awards season was beginning, before Johnson embarked on the press tour of Fifty Shades Freed (ie, a moment of a lot of exposure). That’s why the two have proven to be a very discreet couple. What should not be confused with that they have a casual relationship. Their relationship seems to be increasingly formal, in broad daylight, but without anyone noticing. In fact, they came to a very important moment of every famous family: the rumors of rupture! This week, after they saw Johnson sharing a kiss with an unidentified man in a luxurious market in Los Angeles, people started talking. What was wrong with Chris, then? One source said the kiss was “nothing more” than an interaction between old friends, and that “he is still with Chris Martin and very happy.”

Rumors that their relationship had failed, increased with the fact that she and the Coldplay frontman have not photographed them together since early March, on a trip in Malibu on a golf cart, where they were accompanied by the dog from Johnson, Zeppelin . But speculations probably do not care. The first time they saw Martin and Johnson getting romantic was in January when they dined together at Soho House, in West Hollywood, a couple of days after an intimate trip to the beach, also with Zeppelin. (PS: It seems that Dakota, who went to a Coldplay show in Argentina in November, is a fan of rock and roll). A few nights after that, they practically announced their relationship during the presentation of the Women’s Fall 2018 and Man Fall / Winter 2018 collections by Stella McCartney , at the SIR Studios in Los Angeles. They did not attend the red carpet but they held hands in front of all the industry assistants.

The romance was still alive in February. Diane Keaton revealed that Johnson and Martin were at the 60th birthday of Ellen DeGeneres , a party full of celebrities. “I’m going to talk about Chris Martin,” Keaton said in Ellen . “I was with Dakota [Johnson], right?” He turned to the audience and said, “They’re a couple, you know, so what I’m saying is …” and looked at Ellen again. “He’s beautiful, that face got better with time.”

The Oscar winner did not know what was happening:

The Reason Why Dakota Johnson And Chris Martin Keep Their Relationship Private Hollywoodgossip

“I had no idea until a couple of days ago, when someone said to me, ‘Did you see?'” Keaton laughed. “Yeah, how was it, how did I not realize it was him?” That probably does not matter to Chris Martin either. After all, we are talking about a huge rock star who did not attend any red carpet with Gwyneth Paltrow throughout her 10 years of marriage, because she insisted that the red carpets were to sell something (a movie or a dress) and that they were not selling anything. “We try to keep calm with all that,” Martin told CBS News in 2011. (Johnson, whose grandmother is the legend of the big screen, Tippi Hedren , lamented in the magazine Net-a-Porter of 2016 for how the red carpets were losing their shine. “Now everyone can take a picture of me and I can take a photo to anyone, at any time, I feel that something has been lost, “he said” You lose a bit of magic and I do not know why “).

After he and Paltrow consciously parted in 2014, Martin came out, more memorably, with Jennifer Lawrence . But even though she is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, they did everything in a very discreet way, with private jets, low profile dating and … hats. Johnson, after all the exposure that has been on the big screen, knows how to keep the rest under the rug. The daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson apparently learned very early on various tricks on how to navigate the entertainment world, even though she had all the attributes to be the fashionable girl when she started making her own name as an artist. He does not like to talk about his personal life.

She and her musician boyfriend, Matthew Hitt , split up in 2016 after two years of dating, without leaving much drama behind them. Then, in the February 2017 issue of Vogue , Johnson said, “Sometimes the m-rades come in. All the time my heart is a little broken, even when I’m in a happy relationship. feelings, even the good ones, are so intense that sometimes they hurt me, can we say something juicy, can we say that I take this time to explore my bisexuality, or that I gave myself to the Lord after the premiere of my movie trilogy explicitly sexual? ” Although every time they saw the actress close to a man became rumors of romance, it was not until Martin came to his life that she seemed to be in a relationship.

“I love it!”, Griffith shared with Us Weekly a week ago. Having said that, her daughter “is very private with respect to her life and I respect that.”

The Reason Why Dakota Johnson And Chris Martin Keep Their Relationship Private Hollywoodgossip

Dad also met the boyfriend, even though Don Johnson said just that when People asked him recently. In January, when asked about the rumors of romance around her daughter, Don joked with Digital Spy , “Yes, that … it’s a problem, is not it, it’s not true, she’s great, she can do whatever she wants”. Dakota sure loves it when her parents defend her. The 28-year-old actress has divulged very little about her tastes, despite the fact that starring Fifty Shades has made it very difficult to avoid personal questions, focused on sex. He had to have very thick skin and be prepared to respond. “We hate each other and we have an affair, so everyone is right, what do you think?” He sarcastically suggested to Vogue last year, referring to rumors about her and her co-star, Jamie Dornan . On the supposed similarities between her and the increasingly sexually daring Anastasia Steele of Fifty Shades of Gray , Johnson told The Telegraph in 2016, “Some people think it’s something that interests me in my private life, which is not the I’m an actress, I know how to pretend, but I think it’s something that happens to many actors, people think that in real life they’re like the characters they play. ”

Having become famous overnight changed the way the world approaches her, but that did not encourage her to let the world in.

The Reason Why Dakota Johnson And Chris Martin Keep Their Relationship Private Hollywoodgossip
“My life has changed dramatically,” Johnson continued. “But there are times when I feel lonely and then I only see movies and read books and I’m happy to have time to do those things, I treasure my loneliness.” At that time he lived more in New York, but now seems to enjoy his relationship with Martin on the West Coast. The vocalist has houses in Los Angeles (where Paltrow lives with his children), New York and England. As the movie he promoted was called How to be Single and while the relationship with Hitt was coming to an end, John was able to talk happily about that topic instead of if he liked sadomasochism in real life. “It’s important that young women, especially now, know that it’s okay to explore the world and yourself without having other people press on you,” Johnson told The Telegraph.

“It’s important to expand your mind and do what you want with your brain and your time.” There is less stigma about being single now and I think society is putting the pressure of having to look for a husband aside, but the real message of the movie is that women should love themselves and take care of their hearts and brains and not feel bad about having a good time or experimenting with different people and going out with them “. He decided not to try dating online and admitted that it was “a little difficult to meet new people”. Johnson added, “I have not really had many dates, I’ve only been in long-term relationships.” It was around the same time that, coincidentally, Martin decided to talk about his divorce with the Sunday Times of London . His separation drew a lot of attention because it seemed to be on the best terms, but he admitted that sometimes he felt depressed.

“I still wake up sad many days,” he admitted. “But now I feel like they gave me the tools to change that situation.”


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The Reason Why Dakota Johnson And Chris Martin Keep Their Relationship Private Hollywoodgossip