Tonight You're Sleeping with Me
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Tonight You’re Sleeping with Me 2023 Movie Review

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Tonight You’re Sleeping with Me 2023 Movie Review

    A film with an “only the obvious can happen here” approach for this predictable Wednesday in a film whose title already announces it and it takes half an hour to see the obvious: here there are “romantic shenanigans”. Yes, the two protagonists will have an affair and everything will lead to drama and question the foundations of marriage, family… yes, a plot older than cinema itself in a televised format that we have already seen a thousand times in a production that takes absolutely no risks, filmed in a simple and risk-free way.

    We already know about the streaming network’s obvious bet on Polish cinema, but we’ve seen better ones with somewhat more to say. Tonight You Sleep With Me only tries to get out of the run-of-the-mill almost at the end of the tape, giving us a really predictable hour and only suitable for people locked up in a cave and and bound in chains for decades – maybe they would be surprised by the approach.

    The bit about the woman with an almost perfect life who lets herself go over a handsome guy… we have seen it a thousand times and in ways that are a thousand times funnier (waiting to see the second season of Sex/Life tomorrow on the same network, it’s much funnier).

    It is a deeply familiar film that, in addition, contains that moralistic undertone and Hallmark brand that make it a classic made-for-TV film and is put together for those viewers less open to plot conflicts.

    Tonight You’re Sleeping with Me 2023 Movie Review