Top 10 Best Comedy And Laugh Movies of All Time HollywoodGossip
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Top 10 Best Comedy And Laugh Movies of All Time HollywoodGossip

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Top 10 Best Comedy And Laugh Movies of All Time HollywoodGossip

Laughter is something universal. From those who never walk the cinema to the most experienced moviegoers, everyone likes to watch a funny comedy and have a good time. That’s why we’re going to talk to you about the best laugh and comedy movies out there. The laughter is an emotion capable of bringing people together. It makes you forget your problems and have a good time. Everyone loves to laugh, from kids to the oldest, and one of the best ways to laugh is to watch a comedy movie .

Comedy films can be very different from one another. From romantic comedies to very silly laughing movies full of gags , the goal is to get the viewer to relax and have fun as much as possible. It does not matter if the film is about a flight that landed an airplane full of passengers, the characters usually end up in a carefree mess with a happy ending, going through all sorts of crazy and funny situations .

  1. American Pie 1999

Who has not seen American Pie has not had adolescence. It may not be a masterpiece, but this film marked the beginning of one of the highest-grossing comic sagas in history.

This juvenile comedy is about a legion of inexperienced young people who live obsessed with the opposite sex. Jim, one of them, is desperate because he is still a virgin. To that he joins that his parents surprise him by watching pornographic films, so his situation at home gets worse.

In school things do not go much better. The relationship with your girl does not go as she would like due to an exchange program. For that reason he calls Michelle, a member of the band that turns out to be a prodigy. Are you going to miss it?

2. Deadpool 2016

The most recent film in the Marvel universe has broken all the box office records for a comedy in its premiere. Deadpool tells the story of Wade Wilson and his transformation into the (anti) hero that gives the film its name. With a vulgar and irreverent humor, which collides with the fourth fourth wall to throw it down, the film has established itself as one of the best films of the year despite lacking the budget of the major productions of Marvel. If you’ve been in a cave for the last few months and you do not know what’s going on, here’s our double review of Deadpool.

3. Take the Money and Run 1970

The second feature film by Woody Allen (After the great ‘What’s up, Tiger Lily?’) Could not be better.

With a quite exhiguous budget and a great script , ‘Take the money and run’ tells the story of Virgil Starkwell in the form of “false documentary”, through interviews with relatives and acquaintances that allow us to see the life of Virgil, and his failed attempts to rob banks.

While the film had its flaws, mainly because of the lack of experience as a director of Woody Allen, the film contained brilliant moments with which you could not help but laugh.

4. Modern Times 1936

When you think about laughing movies you may never think of a silent movie. However, Modern Times, is one of those feature films that breaks the rules and that with the passage of time has been established as one of the best comedies of all time.

Considered by many the latest silent film in the history of cinema, “Modern Times” tells the routine life of a metalworker in an assembly line and how ends up losing reason.

After recovering in a hospital, he leaves and is imprisoned for participating in a demonstration in which he was by chance. In prison, also unintentionally, helps control a riot, thanks to which is free. Once outside, he resumes the struggle for survival in the company of a young orphan who he meets on the street.

5. Tropic Thunder 2008

The film about a movie about shooting a movie (Eye, all this before leaving ‘ Origin ‘) tells the story of some actors abandoned in the middle of the jungle by accident, to try to finish the filming of a movie war.

A good script, good special effects and a lot of clichés from the war films that dismantle make this film a great comic work . To all this we must add a renowned cast with great performances, especially that of a Tom Cruise who is unrecognizable in his role as producer Les Grossman. As Tug Speedman would say, this movie is milk.

6. Superbad 2007

When you were young, getting alcohol for a party seemed like a challenge. For the characters of this film is something else, it is a true odyssey. Whether it’s with a fake ID card with a funny name (like McLovin), or sneaking into a party and dancing with the host’s girlfriend to steal your drink, the goal of the movie is to get something to drink at any price to like a high school girl and not get a virgin to the university.

His simple argument leaves room for great comic moments, both with the two policemen more revelers of the body and trying to buy in a liquor store as a minor. It may not be one of the best comedy movies out there, but of course the laughs are assured.

7. Life of Brian 1979

The best Monty Python movie with the permission of ‘The Knights of the Square Table’ is one of those comedies that should be forbidden for any self-respecting movie buff thanks to his eloquent and crazy script.

After being taken by the messiah, Brian leads a very different life from Jesus, going through public stoning with women with beards, rebel groups like the Popular Judaic Front (or Popular Front of Judea), ex-lepers who ask for alms and even songs on the cross as mythical as Always look on the bright side of life. After all, what have the Romans done for us? Romani ite domum!

8. Young Frankenstein 1974

The Young Frankenstein is among the great works of humor in film history . It is one of the most crazy, delirious, witty and funny comedies of all time. The film was nominated for an Oscar in the category of best script and best sound. The actor Gene Wilder (‘Will and Grace’) was in charge of giving life to the young Frankenstein, as well as being in charge of the script of the film with the director.

The young and inexperienced doctor Frederick Frankenstein has to travel to Transylvania to take over his grandfather’s mansion. The gigantic castle hides more than one secret, and that is that the young man finds a book in which he explains, step by step, how to return the life to a person already deceased. Determined to follow this strange manual to the letter, the doctor tries to create a new person with the sole purpose of being loved. Along with Inga and the Igor hunchback, Frederick manages to create a really impressive being.

9. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery 1997

The first adventure of the mysterious international agent was a blockbuster that greatly increased the fame of Mike Myers. The creator of ‘Wayne’s World’ incarnates in this film Austin Powers , a British secret agent of the 60’s that is thawed in the present to fight against Dr. Maligno (Also played by Mike Myers).

His recurring jokes and unbridled humor make this film one of the best comedies of the late twentieth century . His success inspired two other films in the series and there are rumors of a fourth movie on the way.

10. There’s Something About Mary 1998

The film that propelled Ben Stiller’s career in the cinema was one of the funniest romantic comedies of the 90’s . ‘ Something is wrong with Mary’ tells the story of a young student (Ted) who, after a bulky problem with the zipper of his pants, annoys his appointment with Mary on the day of his graduation. Thirteen years later, and still in love with her, Ted hires a private detective to find Mary without having foreseen that he would fall in love with her too. His eschatological and politically incorrect jokes make this Farrelly brothers play a hilarious comedy .


Top 10 Best Comedy And Laugh Movies of All Time HollywoodGossip