Top 10 Best Action Movies
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Top 10 Best Hollywood Action Movies of All Time HollywoodGossip

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Top 10 Best Hollywood Action Movies of All Time HollywoodGossip

Explosions, shootings, high-speed chases, melee clashes, martial arts and weapons of all kinds are some of the key elements in action movies, a genre that came off classic westerns and war movies and that, with the technological and cinematographic advances, and the passage to urban scenes, it became the most popular and box office of the last decades.

Many times, the striking and grandiloquent visual effects of action films work as a facade that conceals a poor history and very uninteresting characters (a phenomenon very common especially in recent years), but in cases where, in addition to the Adrenaline and violence, the film presents an attractive story and empathic characters (usually through humor and charisma), we have a great action movie .

Now let’s see some of them in this list of the 10 best action movies.

10. Enter the Dragon, 1973 : Probably the most recognizable and classic martial arts film in the West. This film made Bruce Lee known worldwide , but was released a week after his death. Any Hollywood martial arts film that has been made later, owes everything to Operation Dragon.

9. The Bourne Ultimatum , 2007 : The last of the trilogy that has Jason Bourne ( Matt Damon ) as protagonist gave the franchise a perfect conclusion. Great scenes of chase, in cars and on foot, close combat and, in short, an interesting and modern approach to spy movies.

8. RoboCop, 1987: This film by Paul Verhoeven is probably one of the most violent and brutal mainstream films of the time. The premise is original and the execution, although a sardonic and humorous tone, uniquely portrays the criminal underworld and police corruption.

7. Lethal Weapon , 1987: One of the most successful action franchises and probably one that best represents the construction of an interesting story and empathetic characters in addition to the action I mentioned earlier. It also laid the foundations for the subgenre known as Buddy Cop , in which two opposing policemen forge a close friendship working together. The first Deadly Weapon is the most violent and extreme.

6. The Matrix , 1999 : Probably one of the most original ideas for action films of recent times, executed by the Wachowski brothers with a distinctive style, creating action sequences that became almost immediately a registered trademark and a global phenomenon. Perhaps the philosophical background made some think that it was too complex to be a simple action movie , but it includes real achievements in the matter.

5. Terminator 2: the final judgment , 1984
The first Terminator (1984) was a tremendous su,cess and made Arnold Schwarzenegger known worldwide, but the second installment of the saga combines special effects that remain impressive even today, action without respite and a great villain.

4. Mad Max 2 ,1981: Mel Gibson’s emblematic role , in a film that also delivers constant action and contains some of the best-achieved sequences of persecution in cinema.

3. Aliens, The Return , 1986: Sequel by James Cameron of the Ridley classic Scott Alien (1986). The original was included in the list of the best horror films and, without a doubt, this sequel did not reach the level of deep impact and terror in the original. Instead, it was turned into nothing more (and nothing less) than a great action movie, with a heroine instead of a hero and almost indestructible villains.

2. Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981:  Inspired by films from the 30s and James Bond , Indiana Jones was one of the most popular and successful Hollywood phenomena during the 80s (it is considered one of the highest grossing films). Created by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas , he laid the foundations of modern action and adventure films.

  1. Die Hard , 1988: The action movie that redefined not only the genre but also the action hero. The formula of a solitary hero who must try to stop a terrorist threat was used until the abuse later, with greater or lesser variations, but John McClane is the archetype of the rude and implacable hero. The film manages the action sequences in a great way but also includes humor, a great villain, a development of the characters and a compelling story.

Top 10 Best Hollywood Action Movies of All Time HollywoodGossip