Vivir sin permiso Review 2018 Tv Show
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Vivir sin permiso Review 2018 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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Vivir sin permiso Review 2018 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Creators: Aitor Gabilondo

Stars: Jose Coronado, Álex González, Claudia Traisac

Review:  Nemesio ‘Nemo’ Bandeira (José Coronado) is a man who was enriched in the past with illegal activities but who has managed to whiten his career until becoming one of the most influential businessmen in Galicia, through an important canning company. When Nemo is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, he will try to hide his illness so as not to be vulnerable while he starts the process to choose his successor, which causes a hecatomb in the family. His two legitimate children who have never had any interest in business, suddenly try to prove that each is the most suitable candidate. His godson, the brilliant and implacable lawyer Mario Mendoza, is objectively the most prepared, although he lacks something vital: to carry the same blood as his godfather. When knowing that Nemo does not contemplate him as heir of the empire, he will start his own plan without abandoning his charming smile, which will make him the most dangerous and ruthless of his enemies.

Have you ever wondered what is the personal life of some of those narcos we have seen on TV (“Fariña” (2018), Antena 3) or on platforms such as Netflix (“Narcos” (2015-present), Netflix) , outside of your criminal activities? Do not? Well stop reading, because “Vivir sin permiso” (2018-present, Telecinco), the new Telecinco series that was renewed for a second season months before the premiere, brings your answer to that question. Created by Aitor Gabilondo and based on a story of unknown name of Manuel Rivas about the past and present drug trafficking of the Spanish autonomous community of Galicia (probably rejected, because in the credits receives the credit of ‘original idea’ and not of ‘ based on an account of ‘), and with a script team formed by Gabilondo, Joan Barbero,

The series, completely fictitious unlike its referents (the aforementioned “Fariña” and “Narcos”) follows Nemo Bandeira (José Coronado), one of the most important entrepreneurs in Galicia, which has a canning company dedicated to the packaging of tuna . However, the real reason for its wealth is another story: it has been dedicated to drug trafficking, extracting and selling cocaine. The starting point is just when Nemo turns 60, and is going to name one of his two sons (Carlos-Alex Monner- and Nina -Giulia Charm-) as his successor in the company, even though they had previously been little business imported, and there is also someone more prepared for the job: his godson, Mario Mendoza (Álex González), who does not want to give him the charge for not being his biological son – which leads him to secretly plan a betrayal of Nemo. Meanwhile, he has other problems, including (but not limited to) diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, which he will try to hide from his family to prevent his enemies from exploiting that weakness to destroy his empire.

Reading the first lines of the summary above I suppose you have assumed that it was a series of narcos (I also thought about it when they announced this series), but as shown in this paragraph, the reality is different: it is a series of personal plots starring narcos hiding that, very much like a soap opera (although not so much), leaving the narco-traffic that occupied so much footage of “Fariña” and “Narcos” in the background (in fact, it only captures a minute of the footage, or at most two, of a total of 78 minutes (endless, by the way, I admit that sometimes I was asking the question ‘When will this end?’) These personal plots that, however, work and make the characters that star them very credible, little by little, when you give it time,the plots get you hooked (but not so much) and you’ll be wanting the next.

Visually, “Living without permission” follows the usual pattern of Mediaset series: the series of this company is not characterized by seemingly works of art, but pursue a more commercial style. Like a blockbuster in Hollywood but a bit cutesy (and despite everything, it looks very good). So you can describe the series visually. The music, although not as good as that of other Spanish series this year, is true that it is really good and contributes to the scenes. The actors, especially José Coronado, manage to contribute to the credibility of their characters that the script shows so well. Music, without being a master’s degree, is very good. The edition is very good. The best of the series are, without doubt, the landscapes of Galicia, some already seen in “Fariña”.

and that says a lot, because it goes that Antena 3 and TVE do not also have their own shits to take care of …). But sometimes, only sometimes (many times when they do emit a series), Telecinco can get decent things. “Living without permission”, fortunately, is one of them. Personal plots that engage, credible characters, good actors … Maybe it puts a little down the slowness and too long duration of this first chapter (two factors that, in this case, are connected together) and their visual intent to Hollywood, despite convincing, also throw a little back, and that is why it is not a perfect series, but as everything else (especially script), it is a very good series that deserves monitoring and whose second season is already justified. If you have not done it yet,

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Vivir sin permiso Review 2018 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online