Who Is America Review 2018 Tv Show
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Who Is America? Review 2018 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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Who Is America? Review 2018 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Creators:  Sacha Baron Cohen

Stars: Sacha Baron Cohen, Emanuela Postacchini, Roy Elghanayan

Review: Sacha Baron Cohen does it again! This is an absolutely amazing example of… everything! Spot on in his characters they bring out the best and worst of the people around them. Now an expert in the field the replies and reactions comes organic to the character and the quick though of Cohen is impressive. While making us laugh and enjoy the show, at the same time he exposes the fascistic views, the racism, the bigotry and the ruthless greed of politicians and lawmakers. The freakshow circus that is USA gets thrown belly up and spill’s its guts over the viewer. And how gay is the husband of Jane Page Thomson? He needs to get out of the closet lol. Poor dude.

So if you have not watch this yet, congratulations! You are about to get your mind blown. It’s a lot of fun but kind of leaves a sad aftertaste. While still feeling like a positive thing overall, a kind of wake up for some call I suppose, it is sad to see people joke about rape and killing. What a world… Enjoy!

I’ve been a huge fan of Sacha’s works especially his Da Ali G days. But I did not see this coming from a mile away! Honestly, I have been getting extremely disheartened by the political direction US has taken recently. The Republicans in charge are doing their best to get their goals across and all the media does is shine an either extremely positive (FOX and co.) or extremely negative (every other news channel and late show) light upon their actions. All we have are these jokes about why Republicans are dumb or long discussions over why democrats are fakes. So, all I could do was sit at home, watch the country get reshaped, ridiculed and praised at the same time not having any idea what’s gonna come next.

Sacha doesn’t lessen any of my concerns here either, he seems as unsure of what’s to come next just as me. However, he sees things as an outsider and what he sees is what I think I’ve seen; the decay of a right side to all this nonsense. This is when things get interesting. Sacha doesn’t shy away into self pity like I did. He treats all these matters as they are; the corpse of a ideal;, the once-believable thought that maybe a discussion could change your opponent’s mind is out the window.

What do you do with a corpse though? You can either cry over the body you cannot save anymore or you can have your way with it for one last show. Stick its head, touch its skin and go “ewww!”. He chooses the second; he dances over the corpse of an ideal way beyond saving. The result is a fascinating four piece; Bernie seems to have given up all hope on common republicans, old-fashioned republicans believe that liberals have “Shape of Water” relationships in their marriages, an art gallery expert is too politically correct-restricted to show her justifiable disgust and finally a tally of republicans end up promoting gun licenses for 4 year olds.

Almost 20 years ago Sacha caused a controversy in US based on how uninformed people were of other cultures, lifestyles or generations. Now he just sits around letting people tear each other and themselves apart just because someone “not-like” them is there. If Da Ali G was a little fire in the woods Sacha worked hard to stir that got some attention, Who is America is Sacha laughing in disbelief watching a forest fire nobody seems to mind. I don’t about you but I’m ready to watch the mother burn with him!

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Who Is America? Review 2018 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online