A Paris Proposal
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A Paris Proposal 2023 Movie Review

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A Paris Proposal 2023 Movie Review

    With January done and dusted, and February firmly here, love is in the air as we rocket towards Valentine’s Day. And to mark the occasion, Hallmark has released details about a forthcoming movie, which will make its debut ahead of the big day.

    The new film is the love-filled romantic movie, A Paris Proposal. The movie – shot partially on location in Paris – stars Alexa PenaVega and Nicholas Bishop, as two advertising agency employees who begin to share feelings for each other, while spending time in the city of love.

    Anna (PenaVega) is an account manager for a New York City advertising agency who has the opportunity to land the biggest client of her career – Durand Diamonds. Much to her chagrin, her boss dispatches her and her colleague Sebastian (Bishop) to the City of Light to make the pitch and seal the deal.

    “Anna’s by-the-books work style clashes with Sebastian’s looser approach and over-the-top ideas that dazzle the client but exceed budget realities that land them in hot water. Not only that, but Paris holds painful memories for her since that’s where she and her now ex-husband honeymooned at the start of their brief, one-year marriage.

    “When they arrive in Paris to meet with the client, a misunderstanding leads the Durands to believe Anna and Sebastian are married, making them excited about the prospect of having real-life couple in charge of the creative vision for their brand. As they work on their campaign pitch and try to keep up appearances of being a happy couple – which becomes more complicated when Sebastian’s family becomes involved – they begin to learn about each other and the most romantic city in the world just might be working its magic.

    “But when the truth about their relationship, or lack thereof, comes to light will this mean the end of their professional partnership as well as their budding romance?”

    A Paris Proposal is written by Andrea Canning, with Jessica Harmon on directing duties. The movie is a Hallmark Media production, with Jeffrey Beach, Phillip Roth, and Kristina Kambitova on board as producers, Sufo Evtimov as line producer, and Cameron Johann as executive producer.

    A Paris Proposal 2023 Movie Review