Barbie Skipper and the Big Babysitting Adventure 2023 Movie Review
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Barbie: Skipper and the Big Babysitting Adventure 2023 Movie Review

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Barbie: Skipper and the Big Babysitting Adventure 2023 Movie Review

“Barbie’s younger sister Skipper is a babysitting expert, but when her babysitting business hits a snag, she takes a summer job at a water park and tries out different first jobs with some new friends. When a birthday party at the park goes awry, Skipper’s babysitting skills save the day! The success renews Skipper’s confidence in her babysitting business, and she and her new friends start a babysitting squad. The all-new movie Barbie: Skipper and the Big Babysitting Adventure, will be available on Netflix March 16th, 2023!


Skipper babysits four kids with help from Barbie, Stacie and Chelsea. Skipper’s sisters leave her alone because Skipper is expecting Navya and Chantal to join her, but Navya and Chantal are going to East Slovakistan to perform a dance they made up, so they can’t help Skipper. The kids run around making noise and have a food fight. Their parents come to pick them up and they leave negative reviews for Skipper’s babysitting service. Parents cancel their appointments with Skipper, so she considers herself as the worst babysitter in the world.

After comforting Skipper, Barbie reveals she will be gone all summer because she’s planting trees in the Amazon. Stacie and Chelsea are going to sleep-away camp for the summer. Skipper thinks it will be boring just being with Margaret and George. Skipper goes to see Ken at the beach, where he will be on call 24/7 as a junior lifeguard all summer. When Skipper goes to a snack bar, she meets a girl named Joy. Joy likes to sing while she works. Tammy pushes her way to the front of the queue and is rude to Skipper and Joy, so Skipper speaks up for Joy. Joy forgets to put the lid on a smoothie blender properly, so the smoothie ends up going on Tammy and Joy gets fired.

Later, Joy thanks Skipper for speaking up for her. Joy wants a recording contract because she loves to sing, and Skipper loves to DJ, so the girls bond over their love of music and lack of summer jobs. A guy with a sandwich board directs them to Oceans Extreme water park for summer jobs. When Skipper and Joy go for job interviews, they meet a girl named Anna. Anna loves making jewelry, so she hopes the park will carry her jewelry line. Anna heard that the boss at Oceans Extreme is a “monster”. Skipper gets interviewed first and finds out the boss is Tammy, whose father Milton owns the park. Skipper knows Tammy would never hire her due to Tammy being Barbie’s biggest rival, but Milton interrupts and interviews Skipper himself. Tammy says that Skipper wouldn’t be a good employee. Milton ignores Tammy and hires Skipper and the other interviewees.

Skipper, Joy and Anna meet a girl named Cheri. Cheri wants to be a dog walker, but she has no customers. Anna suggests that Cheri work at the doggy day care in Oceans Extreme. The next day, Skipper gets to work early. Tammy tries to block Skipper from coming in the park, and Tammy tells Milton that that all the staff positions are filled. Milton sends Skipper to work at the jewelry kiosk with Anna. Tammy tries to tell her father that he never listens to her, but he continues to ignore her. Tammy provides Skipper and Anna with cheap jewelry that no one wants to buy. Skipper and Anna sell Anna’s jewelry instead. It sells well but Tammy takes credit for it in front of Milton.

Tammy transfers Skipper to the snack bar where Joy is working. A girl named Erica and her older brother Derek don’t have money for ice cream, so Skipper and Joy give it to them for free. Dozens of children come to get free ice cream. Tammy tells her father, thinking he will unpleased, but he notices the children are spending money on other things at the snack bar. Milton gives Skipper and Joy the afternoon off, so they visit Cheri. Cheri loves the doggy day care and says working there is a dream come true. Joy replies that her dream is to play a huge concert. Skipper says her dream used to be running a babysitting empire with her best friends.

Skipper notices that the park doesn’t have a day care for kids. Stacie and Chelsea send a letter home and the letter mentions a gaming bus. At the park, Milton makes Skipper employee of the week and she suggests a day care for little kids so they’d have something fun to do while their parents and the bigger kids went on the rides. Milton loves the idea. Tammy gets jealous and looks online to see if she can find anything bad about Skipper. She finds the negative reviews for Skipper’s babysitting. When Skipper and Tammy are alone, Skipper tells Tammy they could rent a gaming bus for the little kids. Tammy reads aloud the negative reviews and plans on revealing the reviews to Milton. Tammy then tells Skipper to clean a dirty pool.

Tammy gets a gaming bus and several kids get on. Tammy needs Milton to pay for it, so Tammy goes to speak with him while the bus’ driver Pete waits impatiently for Tammy to return. While Skipper struggles at work, she phones Barbie for advice. Barbie is being pestered by a monkey in the Amazon. Barbie’s phone gets stolen when she tries to tell Skipper something about Tammy. Skipper decides to quit. Tammy asks Milton for money, but he demands she deliver a professional sales pitch to prove that spending his money will result in profits. Skipper leaves the park and sees Joy, Anna and Cheri were coming to help her clean the pool. She is grateful, but also annoyed that Tammy stole her gaming bus day care idea. Skipper and her friends get on the bus and see Erica, Derek and other children playing. Cheri closes the door of the bus.

During Tammy’s presentation in her office, Milton leaves to get food and Tammy remembers Pete was waiting for her outside. Pete tires of waiting for Tammy, so he drives away, not knowing there are kids on the bus. Tammy sees that the bus is gone and tries to phone Pete. After Joy does karaoke, the bus jolts. Skipper and her friends realize the bus has left the park. Skipper comes up with a plan to keep the kids busy until the bus stops, then ask the driver to take them back to the park. At a parking lot, Pete gets off the bus and drives away in another car, leaving Skipper and the others stranded. Skipper phones Tammy. Tammy wants to avoid being humiliated by Milton finding out the gaming bus is missing, so she sends a limo. Erica goes missing so Skipper tells the kids they have to play hide and seek to find her. When there is a sandstorm, Skipper instructs everyone to hold hands and says she will protect the kids.

Milton returns and Tammy distracts him with an overly long presentation while she waits for Skipper and the others to return. Meanwhile, the kids notice an airplane. It is the first unmanned, auto-piloted birthday party plane and it was developed by an entrepreneur named Mr. Moneyclown. A flight attendant lets the kids on the plane because she assumes they are the flight testers. Skipper and her friends get on the plane to get the kids, but Erica presses a button to make the plane take off. After the test flight, the limo comes to collect Skipper, her friends and the kids. The limo gets stuck in traffic by the beach. Skipper video chats with Tammy and Tammy says she’ll send a boat. Skipper asks Tammy if she’s being serious, and Tammy says “please.” Skipper says she’s never heard Tammy say “please” before, and they smile at each other.

On the boat, Captain Arlene thinks they should wait until the fog clears. Skipper sees some dolphins and speaks dolphin to ask for help. The dolphins agree to guide the boat back to the park. Milton gets bored of Tammy’s presentation and goes outside just as Skipper and the others return. Skipper tells him he missed the gaming bus, but all the customers were satisfied. Erica and Derek excitedly tell their mother about the adventure they went on, which she assumes is just them being imaginative. Milton agrees that the park needs a day care, but he doesn’t want to spend money on the gaming bus. Skipper encourages Tammy to speak up for herself. Tammy tells Milton that he never listens to her, and she asserts that she will open a day care center, even without the bus, because the kids need it. Milton likes Tammy taking initiative, but he still doesn’t want to rent the bus.

Skipper says if they go with Tammy’s idea of cleaning the dirty pool, it would make a better day care than the gaming bus. Tammy tells Milton that it won’t take long if they all work together, and it would be free, so he agrees. Tammy and Skipper hug, but Tammy ends the hug and reminds Skipper of boundaries. Tammy hugs Milton, which he doesn’t view as business-like. Tammy tells Milton that not everything is about business. When the new day care is open, Skipper finds it hard to believe summer is almost over. Tammy asks Skipper if she will come back next year. Tammy compliments Skipper for her babysitting skills and making the park more interesting. Skipper is happy with how her job and the day care turned out. Skipper and Tammy fist bump. Ken and the Roberts family visit the park. Barbie praises Skipper’s work and Skipper asks what Barbie wanted to tell her about Tammy. Barbie replies that she believes Tammy is actually good person and just needs help remembering it sometimes. Joy sings for everyone while Skipper DJs, and Milton hugs Tammy.

Barbie: Skipper and the Big Babysitting Adventure 2023 Movie Review