Cricket: A Beginners guide

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The game of cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is played by two teams, each with 10 players. Each player has a bat and a ball. The ball is thrown to the batsman who hits it with his bat and runs towards the other team’s boundary line. The batsman then tries to score as many runs as possible by hitting four consecutive balls during his innings (a run being counted when he scores more than one run).

The game is a very simple, yet complex and demanding task. It requires patience, concentration, physical strength, and mental strength to play. It can be played on any level of difficulty. It is a game of skill and with repetition, you can play it better. You can even make your own custom rules to suit your personal tastes.

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Twenty-20 Cricket Format:

Twenty-20 Cricket is a new cricket format, invented by the English cricketer Ed Cowan. It was initially intended to be played between round-robin teams and was quickly adopted by the International Cricket Council. as a permanent fixture. The tournament is known in English as Twenty20 Internationals and in other international cricketing languages as Twenty20 Global League, and Twenty20 International, the tournament has been played on a number of different surfaces and formats since its inception, including several variations. Twenty20 Cricket is played for cash prizes. The main contenders for the Twenty20 Cricket World Championship are Australia, England, Pakistan, India, and West Indies have won the Twenty20 World Championship three times each. Only Pakistan has won the tournament more than once and these matches were formerly known as Test match cricket but in 2011 they were renamed Twenty20 Internationals after a perceived association with Twenty20 Cricket. The World Twenty20 was first played in 2007, the Asian Twenty20 Championship has been held since 1999 and is co-hosted with Sri Lanka. The ICC announced in 2012 that the Twenty20 Championship would return to Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka moved to hold a tournament of its own and it was named the ICC World Twenty20 International 2018 after being co-hosted by the West Indies and Sri Lanka.

Test Cricket format:

Test Cricket format is the oldest format of cricket and is still played today. It’s five days of play where each team plays two innings. In the last innings, the batting team gives a target, and the chasing team chases that target. If no one will the match then it is declared a draw. This format is played in all international cricket matches.

One-Day Cricket format:

One-day Cricket Format is a widely played format around the world. It is a 50-over match. The batting team gives a target to the bowling team and it’s then chased.

Cricket: A Beginners guide