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Deliver Me Review 2024 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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Deliver Me Review 2024 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

This series with just five episodes, its a quick watch that hits hard.

The story is told from the standpoint of two characters but it works out into a much larger social problem that is very universal. This illustrates how all over the world we are having the same issues. Young kids get involved with gangs, drugs, crime and violence. The two young friends spend a lot of time in a very rough neighborhood, and tough guys in gangs and drugs are not uncommon.

The series does not become preachy at all, but makes you as a viewer sit up and also take notice of the alienated sections of the society.

The young actors Olle and Yasir, Douglas and Billy in the series are stunning!! And Ardalan Esmaili is simply a great actor, I know him from other Nordic shows, he is the policeman Farid in the series.

The journey of this two very young men in a very dangerous world without knowing the real and rough repercussions of their actions is very intriging and exciting, and the dramatization of the scenes does not look forced to me and is very realistic. They also explored the depths of grief and anger by those left behind.

The story is simple, but the truth isn’t. It is brutal, heartbreaking and really important. What happens when the power of friendship is confronted with brutal choices? And what happens when a society fails to protect its kids?

By the way I just want to get rid of the only criticism I have, some of the music doesn’t wraps some of the scenes well at all. It is not always well adapted in my opinion.

The question is when children commit horrible crimes, who bears responsibility? Can a child be a monster?, and if so, how does that happen? How can we, as a society, allow it to happen?! While it can be easy to blame adults, but it is really is a much larger problem.

This series is an intense and compelling story. Full of very relevant and important problems in our society, it is tough!. It challenges viewers to confront uncomfortable truths while delivering a gripping and emotionally great series!

Deliver Me Review 2024 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online