Depp V Heard Review 2023 Tv Show
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Depp V Heard Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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Depp V Heard Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Overall, this 3-part mini series displays a good recap of the 2022 trial that would go down in history.

The creator is strongly biased in support of Amber Heard, as is evident, especially in the final episode.

There is a caption at the end that states: The most “likeable” person won, due to the influx of the role social media played in favour of Depp – suggesting that justice wasn’t served. While social media no doubt amplified the trial, most people went in with an open mind at the start of the trial in order to seek justice and weigh out both sides. As much as social media was amplified, it was actually due to Amber Heard’s increasing actions on the stand – and not because the world immediately favoured one party over the other at the start of the trial.

Johnny Depp was and is the clear and deserving winner of this case: Not due to the world adoring him but due to the fact that Amber Heard spewed out ridiculous claims that proved everything she said as uncredible. Had she even an ounce of respect in stating the actual truth without her horrible and discusting hyperbole acting, the world would have taken her more seriously and understood that these were two human beings that existed – perhaps with equal-causing problems within a marriage. Her lack in taking responsibility for her actions and laying all the blame outside of herself is what gave her this horrible growing reputation on social media.

The show’s creator clearly believes that Amber Heard was unfairly treated. While the age of social media can be absolutely vicious – this can clearly and expectedly be the case for the Amber Heards and Meghan Markles of the world who exaggerate the exposure of events that may or may not have occurred, in order to garner sympathy from a larger audience. The world only has so much sympathy for the “infinite victimhood mentality” that these characters personally bring upon themselves. For both of these women, this outpour of having to be “right” rather than wanting to be “truthful” has tremendously backfired.

Johnny Depp won, not because he was loved (in fact, he was absolutely wrongfully defamed prior to the trial due to how he was portrayed by Heard’s allegations.) He won because he was honest – and certainly more honest than Heard ever could be. The final caption at the end of this series indicates that because the world hated Heard (due to the negative social media directed upon her during this trial), it is why she lost. When the result is that she made herself unlikeable through her repulsive lies and disgusting acting on the stand.

We all have a responsibility in this life to take accountability for our own actions. We as humans are not perfect. What we can do though, is admit to and learn from any of our mistakes and mistreatings towards the world and others; and become better people as a result of this. If Amber Heard didn’t exaggeratingly lie and present herself in the way she did, the world would have continued properly listening to both sides. The negative social media attention was brought upon herself: This is where the documentary creator completely missed the mark, in her biases towards favouring Heard. Ultimately, the jury decided; and they did – rightfully so, given the concrete evidence and the misleading outpour they witnessed with this drama queen on the stand.

There are only so many “crying wolf” situations that can play out by its perpetrators, before viewers step up to prove that those watching are not stupid people. Cheaply throwing someone under the bus for something they did not do – such as instigated by the Amber Heards and Meghan Markles of the world – is what grows this person’s haters – and should not be targeted towards those that they wrongfully accuse when intending to cause harm.

5/10 rating for the collection of footage and editing, and the overall production and recap of the trial within these 3 episodes – but the biases didn’t sway my opinion against the justified winner of this case – Depp, despite its biased intent. If it were more balanced and not leaning more towards Amber Heard at the end, this rating would deserve something higher at 8.5/10 for its production. A good documentary lets the audience decide their own verdict, without having any hidden agenda – which was greater revealed towards the ending, after the documentary’s buildup.

In conclusion: #JusticeForJohnny-IS JUSTIFIED: And for his growing and coming up as the better person at the end of this all. He was the true winner, not only in winning this trial but, in also not having to put up with this abusive person in his life any longer. Continue the healing, Johnny Depp and perhaps one day, Amber Heard can do the same when or -IF- she comes to terms with reality and taking accountability and responsibility for her own actions and mistakes in life.

Depp V Heard Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online