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Even though remaining at home helps to keep our neighbourhoods safe, many people still have concerns about how to remain secure while doing so. How can one effectively sanitise their home to protect the residents’ health? Facilities Maintenance company is ready to provide some helpful advice as a seasoned and reputable disinfection company.

Realize the distinction.

Understanding the distinction between cleaning and disinfecting is crucial if you want to maintain your house safe for your family. Cleansing reduces the amount of germs, but does not always eliminate them. Cleaning, which is often done with soap and water, eliminates germs from surfaces and reduces the likelihood that they will spread. Things are elevated through disinfection—in a positive way! After cleaning surfaces with soap and water, disinfection uses chemicals to destroy bacteria on such surfaces. Obviously, sanitation and cleanliness cannot exist independently. To keep you and your family safe, you should complete them simultaneously.

High-touch areas should be cleaned often.

The surfaces that members of your home frequently contact are the places that need cleaning the most. According to the CDC, these “high-touch” places include things like doorknobs, light switches, phones, keyboards, and faucets. Keep in mind that cleaning these surfaces is required before disinfecting.

Make use of the right cleaning agents.

The CDC suggests using a selection of EPA-registered disinfectants as the preferable cleaning solutions. They also advise using 70% alcohol solutions and household bleach cleaners, provided they are appropriately diluted. With the proper label inspection, checking for approved uses and an expiration date, all of these are allowed.

Maintain good hygiene.

Of course, in order to keep your living environment as clean as possible, it’s crucial that you keep an eye on your individual cleaning practises. For instance, wash your hands more frequently, even when you are at home, especially if you are handling food. When you go home from the grocery store, work, or a walk in the park, be cautious of what you might be bringing in. This can require you to remove your shoes before entering the house or put your wallet and keys on the floor or in a “quarantined area” rather than on the kitchen table.

Other advice includes washing your clothes more frequently, cleaning with gloves, and even refraining from handling anything that has been in contact with an outside source for a few days. Not only will taking these precautions to clean your home help keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy, but it will also benefit other community members you may contact during this pandemic. Visit more of our blog posts for advice and details on cleaning.Facilities Maintenance company if you have any concerns about the disinfection or sanitising services we offer.