Fatal Seduction Review 2023 Tv Show
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Fatal Seduction Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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Fatal Seduction Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Few things capture people’s imaginations quite like sex and murder, so it’s probably a good thing that Netflix thriller Fatal Seduction has both.

While not to be confused with the similarly titled Fatal Attraction – the classic 1987 film recently reimagined for Paramount Plus – this twisty series shares the basic premise of an affair that spirals wildly out of control.

Seeking an escape from her failing marriage, Nandi Mahlati (Kgomotso Christopher) has a one-night stand with a younger man while on a weekend away with her best friend, Brenda.

Covering her tracks becomes top priority – that is, until Brenda is found dead, and the suspects are all around her.

Fatal Seduction is a South African remake of Mexican drama Dark Desire, which premiered on Netflix in July 2020 and ran for two seasons on the streaming service.

Here’s everything you need to know about the show.

It’s been confirmed Fatal Seduction will be available to stream on Netflix from Friday 7th July 2023.

The first season consists of 14 episodes, which will drop all at once as a binge-able launch.

Kgomotso Christopher (Isidingo) leads the cast of Fatal Seduction as Nandi, a woman who embarks on a dangerous fling with a younger man named Jacob, played by Prince Grootboom (1802: Love Defies Time).

Thapelo Mokoena (Pulse) plays her husband Leonard, who she has drifted apart from in recent years, while Lunathi Mampofu (The River) also features as Brenda, a close friend who tragically winds up dead shortly after the fateful encounter.

The cast of Fatal Seduction also includes Frances Sholto-Douglas as Laura, Nat Ramabulana as Vuyo, Rizelle Januk (Eraser: Reborn) as Ameera, and Ngele Ramulondi as Zinhle, the daughter of Nandi and Leonard.

Nandi Mahlati (Kgomotso Christopher) is a woman whose marriage is on the brink of falling apart, with a recent miscarriage damaging the relationship between her and her husband, Leonard (Thapelo Mokoena).

Things get even worse when she discovers a suspicious text from his assistant, Ameera (Rizelle Januk), which seems to suggest the two of them are having an affair.

During a much-needed getaway with best friend Brenda (Lunathi Mampofu), Nandi takes her revenge by sleeping with a younger man, with whom she feels an instant connection.

Returning home alone, Nandi is wracked with guilt over her infidelity and devastated once again when Brenda is found dead – with those closest to her among the suspects.

Fatal Seduction Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online