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Gwen Shamblin: Starving for Salvation 2023 Movie Review

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Gwen Shamblin: Starving for Salvation 2023 Movie Review

    Kat and her sister, Alex, celebrate Kat’s promotion with drinks at the bar. Kat is a step closer to becoming mayor with this advancement. A man, Richard, comes over to buy them another shot. Although he purchases congratulatory drinks for both of them, he eyes Kat. Kat and Richard strike up a flirty and gently combative conversation.

    One year later, Kat and Richard are married and will soon celebrate their first anniversary. Kat’s phone rings with no caller ID, and she answers it. A woman, Sue, claims to have dated Richard for six months and is pregnant with his baby. Sue apologizes because she didn’t know Richard was married. Richard grabs the phone and tells Sue to take her medication and call her new doctor. He tells Kat that Sue is a patient with an unhealthy attachment. He offers to call his receptionist to back up his statement. But, Kat trusts Richard and forgets the phone call.

    Kat’s recent promotion will move her to her hometown. Years ago, Kat left after prom under scrutiny and never looked. Richard and Kat meet their new neighbor, Vivienne. Kat thinks Vivienne is sweet, but Richard doesn’t trust her. As they unpack, Kat finds pills in Richard’s belongings. He tells her they are sleeping pills, and she can take them if she wants. She worries that it’s unethical, but he laughs because he is a psychiatrist. Kat and Richard believe this is the start of their new life. However, they will end up on opposite sides of the court. As Kat accuses Richard of assault, he says she is a murderer.

    These two have a whirlwind romance, but something isn’t quite right. The script exposes one of Richard’s secrets but slowly unveils Kat’s. Viewers won’t doubt the real culprit in this movie, but you watch to understand what Kat is hiding and why she ran years ago. The writer uses Kat’s past to make the audience doubt her and give credibility to Richard. The last 30 minutes are about seeing how the protagonist will get out of trouble. There is one twist about Richard, but experienced Lifetimers can figure out the rest. This film intrigues viewers, but you shouldn’t cancel plans to watch it.

    Gwen Shamblin: Starving for Salvation 2023 Movie Review