Hello Tomorrow!
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Hello Tomorrow! Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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Hello Tomorrow! Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

    As if it were a pre-Fallout world , the series that arrives this Friday on Apple TV + merges the aesthetics of the 50s with a handful of advanced technology depending on what. But this is not a race against time to hide from an imminent apocalypse, but a portrait of that optimistic -and maverick- American dream that has not yet figured out if its goal is based on an illusion or a simple lie . And although it may seem so, the fiction is not in itself a science-fiction proposal, but a dramedy with dark overtones that mostly errs on style over substance .

    In the series, which has enough of that great play that is ‘Death of a Salesman’ , there is much more to unravel than meets the eye – or what the creators Amit Bhalla and Lucas Jansen dare to show explicitly -. And it is that, despite having a collection of messages that could be applied to areas beyond capitalism, the space dream or consumerism, in the end the writers do not seem to be clear about what they really mean with all this . Even its penchant for family drama bombarded with exquisite production design doesn’t quite pan out as it could .

    Starring a handful of commercials that use any emotional weakness of their customers to encourage them to buy their product, the series has as its main face a sensational Billy Crudup – everything the script allows, of course. His character, who we could call the Elizabeth Holmes of lunar real estate , has a spectacular pitch worthy of the best salesman -swindler- in the world. And as they say: she lies more than she talks . However, she is not a person who feels really bad despite the severity of his actions of hers, and the truth is that this is a waste of the actor’s many skills.

    The worst thing is that the writers want us to think that the good guys here are the only ones trying to do evil . That duty falls to the characters of Alison Pill and Matthew Maher , who unsuccessfully try to get the truth out to this depressingly hipster group of customers. They are not evil, but they are deluded to spare. And there is nothing like a couple of nice words and the promise of fulfilling an illusion to dominate us and cloud our judgment . Thus, as if he were a veteran politician, Crudup’s Jack comes out of disaster every time he says what they want to hear .

    We also have Jack’s long-lost son, who finds himself in the middle of all the conflict adding a bit more drama to the matter . However, at the moment of truth, his participation does not have all the relevance that he promised . The rest of the characters are mere sketches whose sole function is to fill out the drama with scenes that mostly feel forced on the whole . Thus, these commercials played by Haneefah Wood, Hank Azaria and Dewshane Williams wander through the series between absurd comedy sequences and other adventures that add absolutely nothing .

    That is why ‘For a better tomorrow’ is more disappointing than expected , and if it turns out to be an entertaining series and not entirely unsuccessful, it is because its half-hour episodes, together with the cinematography and the performances, manage to make it much more easy to digest . What’s more, it’s not until the fifth episode that the fiction takes off and begins to loosen up, changing a bland and hesitant start for a somewhat more chaotic and extravagant proposal . However, from there there is not much room for surprises, especially since its supposed script twists are absolutely predictable .

    It is frustrating, because the series itself seems like a manifestation of the very product that its protagonists sell . A scam disguised as a dream that needs to succeed through an illusion: that of its sensational photography and universe . But when what fails is the script, the core of everything, which should connect us with its characters and cause us to eat the coconut with endless questions about its wasted messages, there is no pretty enough packaging to make up the result .

    Hello Tomorrow! Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online