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Honeymoon with My Mother 2022 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

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Honeymoon with My Mother 2022 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

‘Amor de madre’ has reminded me of that film in which Gérard Depardieu (‘My father, what a flirt!’) pretended to be his own daughter’s lover to make the boy she was dazzled jealous of. The history of Paco Caballero ‘s filmtells us something similar. It is the misfortune of a young man who has been left at the altar and far from wanting to lose the money invested in the honeymoon trip, he leaves, but with his mother and the people of the resort where they are staying, they think they are a husband. and woman. The mechanics are the same, bringing together a young man and his parent in an environment a priori designed for loving couples. The root of the humor is also the same, putting the protagonist in compromising situations by taking out his colors while he tries to overcome what has happened to him by pulling a nail with another nail.

I don’t know if the film starts from the idea of ​​joining Carmen Machi with Quim Gutiérrez or if it started from the story and the casting direction decided that they would make a good couple. Be that as it may, the result is a wonderful combination. Not only do they hit the mark as mother and son, but the comic aspect of both actors is very congenial in favor of the story. Quim Gutiérrez doesn’t do something that he hasn’t done before, play a good-looking boy who is covered in bread and has always been a loser, there they are ‘I love you, imbecile’ or ‘The neighbor’, also with Netflix. That type of role fits with how talkative or liars many of Carmen Machi’s characters are. The actress really manages to always be what she wants and on this occasion she is an oppressive and protective parent who wants to make her son a new matchmaker and, incidentally, take the vacation of the ciborium that she has always deserved. From lost to the river, there is no wedding but luxury by the face.

In romantic movies in which someone kidnaps one of the promised ones from the altar and leaves romantically and rebelliously with mellow music in the background, no one thinks about who gets left standing, except in ‘Runaway Bride’. This is the B side of the story with a statement that a priori seemed like it was going to be totally anti-love or against romance but that ends up simply saying that there is no other love like the sincere love of a mother.

Too bad it has the classic downturn at the end because the characters have their sentimental moment of epiphany, as in almost all romantic comedies. As much as it is slightly different when talking about the love of a mother it breaks the whole climax. ‘Amor de madre’ above all is a situation comedy, but it also advocates for us to be more understanding and less rude with our mothers, who only think for our own good. It is a dangerous proposition to watch with our mothers as certain scenes can lead to funny or embarrassing conversations at home.

Paco Caballero has taken the point from Quim Gutiérrez and Carmen Machi after working together in ‘The neighbor’ and ‘Perdiendo el este’, respectively. Comedy flows better in this film that, although it is the most conventional, works well.

Honeymoon with My Mother 2022 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online