In the Land of Saints and Sinners 2024 Movie Review
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In the Land of Saints and Sinners 2024 Movie Review

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In the Land of Saints and Sinners 2024 Movie Review

I was a bit flashed and afterwards had the typical feeling, after 2 hours in a good movie, being back in reality.

But I think this movie really needs a big screen/viewing angle.

It’s not an overall exciting story. It’s not filled with big emotions that carry the film.

But it’s carried by good acting, atmosphere and IMO amazing camera and very good lighting (i.e. Kerry Condons beautiful and expressive face, and even Neesons wrinkles – amazing).

There’s even a scene, with maybe the most beautiful wild red female hair waving in the wind, in all of movie history.

But to notice the subtle but amazing visual craftsmanship, it needs to be watched big, big, big.

Neeson finally can show again, that he still is a really good actor – and not only a too old wannabe action star playing stupid scripts.

But who really blew me away, is Kerry Condon: Usually chicken Rambos (even female detectives in movies) I find unbearable, laughable and usually make me quit.

But here, already far into the movie, finally I noticed, that she even was leading the group and how convincingly she fills the role as leader! It just feels natural and organic – and not at all feminist or politically “correct”.

The petite Kerry Condon is able to easily fill a supporting role that usually can only be played by the Ray Winstones of this world? Amazing.

While some criticize the simple script, I think in this case it’s a strength: The movie gladly tries not to invent superficially something new, it does not try to be exciting with stupid ideas, it is not exaggerating things to be more spectacular (except maybe the exaggerated evil villain role of Condon’s brother, which cost the film 2 stars), but it trusts in quality: A story that flows naturally, solid tension and easy, enjoyable entertainment, with good acting as foundation.

In the Land of Saints and Sinners 2024 Movie Review