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Karada Sagashi 2023 Movie Review

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Karada Sagashi 2023 Movie Review

On July 5th, Asuka Morisaki (Kanna Hashimoto) meets a young girl at her high school. She has never seen the girl before. The young girl tells her “My body, Sagashite.”

When it turns midnight, Asuka finds herself at school again in Groundhog style. She is not the only person there. Her childhood friend Takahiro and four of her classmates are there. At that time, a young girl covered in blood appears and kills everybody there. Asuka believes she is dead. Asuka wakes up and finds herself in her room… on the morning of July 5th.

Netflix has revealed the first trailer and release date for the Japanese-language horror movie, Re/Member. Originally titled Karada Sagashi, Re/Member will release on February 14 on Netflix, worldwide.

Based on the manga of the same name by Welzard, Karada Sagashi was released in theaters on October 14, 2022, in Japan. The film received a mixed reaction from the audience, while also being hailed as one of the best live-action manga adaptations.

In the film, Asuka (Kanna Hashimoto) meets a young girl in her high school on July 5th. She’s never seen the young lady before. “My body, Sagashite,” the young girl says. Later on, Asuka has reservations about the girl. Asuka returns to school when the clock strikes twelve o’clock. She is not the only one present. Takahiro, a childhood buddy, and four of her classmates are present. Asuka does not get along with her four classmates. At that point, a little girl covered in blood comes and murders everyone present. Asuka believes she is no longer alive. Asuka awakens and discovers herself in her room. She is taken aback that it is the morning of July 5th.

The film is directed by Eiichirô Hasumi from a screenplay written by Katsutoshi Murase. Warner Brothers Pictures Japan distributed the film in the country. The cast includes Kanna Hashimoto as Asuka Morisaki, Gordon Maeda as Takahiro Ise, Maika Yamamoto as Rumiko Hiiragi, Fûju Kamio as Atsushi Kiyomiya, Kotaro Daigo as Shota Uranishi, Mayu Yokota as Rie Naruto, Shuntaro Yanagi, Naomi Nishida, and Tasuku Emoto.

The web novel, KaradaSagashi became a hot topic as the most popular novel on novel posting sites, and in 2014, the manga version recorded a cumulative total of 100 million views. Re/Member aka Karada Sagashi is the long-awaited live-action adaptation of Gen Z’s bible-like horror, which has sold over 3.4 million copies in total.

Karada Sagashi 2023 Movie Review