Kathal A Jackfruit Mystery 2023 Movie Review
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Kathal: A Jackfruit Mystery 2023 Movie Review

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Kathal: A Jackfruit Mystery 2023 Movie Review

Kathal:a jackfruit mystery is a comedy crime drama film directed by yashowardhan mishra.

Sanya malhotra proves her mettle once again. She commands a strong hold on her emotions and expressions. In some emotional scenes with anant joshi, she shines throughout. Anant, too plays a delicate man with sincerity and ease. His dialogue delivery and expressions were on point. Vijay raaz and rajpal yadav play their characters beautifully. Vijay plays the grumpy politician with sheer brilliance. Rajpal shines in the comedy sequences. Raghubir yadav, at the end, makes you laugh.

The writing of this film is one of its strongest point. It fleshes various social themes, like caste system through comedy. There is still many prejudices against the lower castes and the difficulties that they face. Media freedom and political buffoonery is also brilliantly shed light upon. The more personal themes are also explored. Mahima and saurabh have a hierarchy in their official position, which induces some problems in their personal relationship. There is still some stigma around women holding higher bureaucratic positions than men. The judgement of character through one’s harmless personal choices is also attacked in this film. The screenplay of this film is engaging and never loses sight of the procedural that is going on. The investigation is tight and very crisp. The comedy can be criticised here and there, for it goes too over the board.

The dialogues are excellent. ‘IPC ka matlab indian penal code nahi, indian political code ho gaya hai”, sums up the state of our country. The satire is bang on in this movie. Lines like “thoda control kijiye, control room mein hai aap” evokes great laughter. The final moments of the film is staged superbly. It produces great moments of fun.

The music is decent nad the background score is also good. The cinematography is generic except for some sequences, for eg, when mahima and saurabh have an emotional tussle on the former’s doorstep. The visual metaphor of walls and doors is very good.

A wonderful satire on the many things evil to our society, demands your attention. I rate it 9 out of 10.

Kathal: A Jackfruit Mystery 2023 Movie Review