Killing County
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Killing County Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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Killing County Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

    This story is told with news and deposition clips juxtaposed with interviews of local media, family of decedents, law enforcement, and journalists from the guardian, and some narrative actors. There is a drastic difference between how the decedents’ families are lighted made up and shot. The make up artist also used the wrong kind of false eyelashes, making most if the surviving family look like ridiculous baby doll parodies. I am no make up fanatic, but the bad makeup, very different scene and shot compositions and lighting used for victims versus professionals interviewed is overtly distracting and does a disservice to victim family members by making them look cheap, when they are the driving force of the piece.

    The physical and technical aspects of this documentary detract so much from the purported subject matter, I’m not sure what the message is supposed to be. Are we patronizing the pathetic denizens of Bakersfield, platforming professional experts, doing City Confidential Bakersfield, or revealing a story? The editing cuts between media records, reenactment narration, professional and victim interviews are too quick cut and don’t move the story as much as distract. As the episodes unfold all these flaws become more and more apparent. Production is too clever by half. It’s a Disappointing mess. The bones of a good documentary on law enforcement-resident conflict in a historically underserved community are here.

    This documentary is an excellent piece of film making well directed and well put together it is thought provoking which is what a good documentary should do.

    The cinematography and footage and background on the history of Bakersfield is an important part of the history and understanding of Kern county culture, founded by people from the dust bowl in search of a better life, who brought their culture with them and transplanted it to Kern county with all their fears and prejudices. These factors contributed to the present day issues facing Kern county , Law enforcement needs to be held accountable and the monies should come from their pension funds and not from taxpayers funds. Police reform should be among the top priorities

    I live in Kern county this documentary reveals The truth about Kern county where the county sheriff Donnie Youngblood said don’t shot them and wound them and pay millions in medical shoot to kill them and pay the family three million dollars and the family goes away sheriff Donnie youngblood, guess how much the county pays these families , guess what three million dollars. That’s all a life is worth in Kern County California, it’s cheaper to shoot and kill them, than save them and pay for medical care. The documentary is definitely thought provoking and gives an insight to the police murder capitol of America.

    Killing County Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online