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Love Again 2023 Movie Review

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Love Again 2023 Movie Review

I really enjoyed this movie and would certainly watch it again. There are so many good things to point out and a couple of not-so-great things to mention too. The Great: Celine Dion sharing her true-life story and grief of losing her husband and of course her music. Went to see Celine’s acting debut and was not disappointed. She is fantastic in this.

The Good: There are some really funny bits in this film. I was chuckling all throughout it. Some of it could be cheesy but that’s a Rom Com for you. There is also a rollercoaster of emotional beats that thread throughout too that could make you choke up a bit. The whole cast was terrific! The lead actor was distractingly gorgeous. He provided the comedic beats and lightened up the story with an adorable dorkyness. I really felt uncomfortable for him which is what we were supposed to feel. So well done! PC also did a great job making us feel sad for her character. She had nailed the grief stricken aspect of her character. The supporting cast was great as well.

The not-so-great: I think this movie would have benefited by being at least 15 minutes longer. It really needed more time for the relationship between the two characters to develop a bit more. Seemed a bit rushed in that aspect. The costumes were a bit too frumpy as if they were trying to make these two beautiful actors look less gorgeous and perhaps more relatable. Well, that was a hard sell. I also think the scripting of the ending was not satisfactory. They went too realistic in my opinion. They should have gone total ROM COM.

As I said before I really liked this movie and if you are a fan of Rom Com’s it is worth the watch!

Love Again 2023 Movie Review