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Make My Day Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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Make My Day Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

    The visuals here are bold and interesting, a mix of traditional hand-drawn backgrounds and prop art, and stylised cell shaded CGI characters, not entirely unlike Arcane.

    But not very much like it either, and this suffers badly by comparison. Bold and interesting doesn’t imply success: the characterisation, clumsily keyframed facial expressions and frame rate are all sub par here – this is practically a slideshow.

    The other thing that you could compare the character animation to is the Sims, and again, not particularly kindly.

    The plot feels gamerish too, like watching an endless cut-scene for a 2010-era survival horror, where the unexperienced but spunky young protagonist in his exo-suit battles alien tentacle-bugs.

    And that really is all we’re getting here, an inexplicably hyper-militarised convict mining operation versus bad-touch space tardigrades. Nothing that we haven’t done seen before – many, times – and better.

    At eight 20 minutes episodes, you can rip through it quickly enough, although even at that length I found myself skipping some tedious flashbacks, and cringe inducing attempts at forcing pathos and drama into later episodes.

    The plot, such as it is, reveals itself fully by episode 3, but with a whopping great contradiction in it. What we’re told differs from what we’ve just seen, and there are constant reminders of this that make our protagonists’ peril more than it needs to be.

    Our main protagonist Jim doesn’t have an arc so much as a flipped-switch, again in episode 3. Paired with the uninvolving animation and strictly workmanlike voice acting that quickly dissolves into the tedious anime “Oh!” and “Aaargh!”, it makes it hard to take any of this seriously.

    Perhaps that’s not a bad thing. Sometimes you just want to watch space bugs eat faces and blow up, and you get a fair amount of that here. Not really enough to justify the tedious talky bits in between though.

    Make My Day Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online