Missing Dead or Alive Review 2023 Tv Show
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Missing: Dead or Alive? Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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Missing: Dead or Alive? Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

There are so many true crime series streaming right now. It’s hard to determine which are worth watching and which are worth skipping. The key is to find a series that harmoniously blends the technical aspects of the cases with human interest stories ranging from the victims to those investigating the crimes.

Another Netflix entry into the genre is Missing: Dead or Alive?, which overanalyzes the investigation team members to the point of watering down the product.

Missing: Dead or Alive? Season 1 Review

Carolina. The series’ strength is the wide range of cases that vary significantly in terms of their results. There are 250 missing persons in “The Palmetto  State,” which is low compared to other states such as California (3,213), Texas (2,299), Florida (1,650), Alaska (1,218), and New York (1,064). But where the state lacks in numbers it seems to excel in exciting and acute cases.

The squad immediately investigates a case of a missing older adult woman, and they think her ex-military son has something to do with it. Another case involves a father looking for his missing pre-teen daughter, who has disappeared with his ex-wife. A lotto winner has wandered out without a trace.

Missing: Dead or Alive? is produced by Stuart Froude and Graeme McAulay and directed by Alex Irvine-Cox. The series is hyper-focused on one investigator, Vicki Raines, who wears her feelings on her sleeve to the point where she and some of her fellow squad members seem to be showing off or mugging for the camera.

Raines takes the job so personally that she considers transferring if she finds a missing person deceased. When a case takes a turn, most would not expect her actions at the end of the first episode to appear rehearsed when finding an essential piece of crucial evidence and when rejoicing on the phone with her fellow missing-person investigator.

The episodes are also oddly constructed, with some ending a few moments into the next and the minutes of each varying wildly in length. The first episode is the best, with a shocking reveal that surprised me, but the rest of the series pales in comparison.

Far too much time is focused on the investigators than the subjects and their families. When the docuseries focuses on the subjects and their families, the show finds its footing.

Missing: Dead or Alive? Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online