Nineteen to Twenty Review 2023 Tv Show
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Nineteen to Twenty Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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Nineteen to Twenty Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Netflix has invested heavily into creating several reality TV shows, like Too Hot to HandleDating Around, and Love is Blind, even exporting this formula abroad to other countries like Singapore in Singapore Social and in India with IRL: in Real Love.

Now, South Korea has its turn in the spotlight with the reality show Nineteen to Twenty, following teens on the cusp of adulthood.

Created by Kim Jae-won, Park Su-ji, and Kim Jung-hyun, Nineteen to Twenty sees several teens learn several important skills they will need to know if they’re to survive the harsh world of being an adult, all while being told not to date one another.

They have to put those skills to the test in a second part of the show, which sees them move to a house together and are told to survive.

Nineteen to Twenty is a new reality show from South Korea, following nineteen-year-olds who are one week away from leaving their teenage years and turning twenty. The show is split into two parts, with the first part set in a special school called “19 School” where the students will learn the basics of being an adult. There is just one rule: these Gen Zers cannot date each other (which means they’ll do exactly that).

Once they do turn twenty, all of the cast will move away from their parents and the school into the so-called “20 House”, a place where they’ll be able to put into practice all of the skills they’ve learned at school, showing their colorful charm, actually be allowed to date, make some wholesome memories and start their journey into the dangerous and complex world of adult life.

There are ten episodes in total.

There are four main cast members in Nineteen to Twenty. It will follow Cho Kyu-Hyun, Kim Ji-Eun, Lee Su-Hyun, and Jeong Se-Woon. Cho Kyu-Hyun, also known as Kyuhyun, is a singer in South Korea, both as part of Super Junior and on his own, as well as actor and TV host Kim Ji-Eun is best known for the 2021 series The Veil, which saw her rise in popularity.

Lee Su-Hyun is also a singer, part of the duo of AKMU, and became an actor best known for music reality shows. Jeong Se-Woon is also a singer, though he is completely solo. Since 2013, he’s been involved in several shows, such as Things Are Suspicious These Days in 2022.

Nineteen to Twenty will be exclusively on Netflix, where viewers will be able to find out what new adults get up to in their new homes.

Nineteen to Twenty will release on July 11, so audiences can watch the antics the new adults get up to once they are dropped into a completely new life than what they’re used to.

Nineteen to Twenty Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online