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Plan C 2023 Movie Review

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Plan C 2023 Movie Review

    Directed and produced by Tracy Droz Tragos, “Plan C” is a documentary that follows a pair of women who are responsible for developing the Plan C organization, co-founded by Francine Coeytaux, who has worked in public health for various decades.

    Plan C is aimed at those interested in seeking an abortion, but need further information. In this current socio-political climate where abortion is a hot topic, this documentary provides an alternative for more information from abortion pills that are mailed directly to the person, locations where these procedures are offered, and doctors willing to provide their advice and services virtually.

    To be honest, I wasn’t aware of this website and the services they provide. I was delighted to see women trying to help others, particularly during this time when Roe v. Wade was overturned (meaning that states are given the power to either ban or allow individuals to have abortions). This documentary comes in handy for those who live in states that have banned abortion. As a woman, I confess these past couple of months have been frustrating with the news and politics surrounding female reproductive rights. I wholeheartedly believe that every single individual should have the right to decide what to do with their body, and I’m tired of seeing abortion being politicized and used as a casual discussion point when people’s lives are at risk.

    It’s also concerning to learn about the risks individuals involved in the organization are putting themselves through. We see throughout the film that some of the doctors would rather be anonymous or use a pseudonym due to fear of retaliation. But simultaneously, I’m inspired and empowered by the founders of Plan C, because they couldn’t care less about the opposing views. What keeps them going is knowing they’re helping others. It’s mind boggling to realize that the organization’s actions are legal in some states, but criminal in others.

    Told through interviews with medical professionals, people who’ve utilized their services, founders of the website, and even relatives of those involved with this site, this documentary is informative and eye-opening. By intertwining the resources Plan C has to offer with recent political decisions from the Supreme Court and certain states, the doc offers a sense of optimism, hope and an alternative.

    Plan C 2023 Movie Review