Spy Ops Review 2023 Tv Show
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Spy Ops Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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Spy Ops Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

The first episode of Spy Ops is titled ‘Operation Jawbreaker’ and is about one of the most significant events of the US, the 9/11 attack. After the attack, America wanted revenge. Hence, teams were set up to go to Afghanistan and present Osama bin Laden’s head on a dry ice. The narrators tell us the story of how the US government planned and executed bin Laden.

The second episode in Spy Ops is titled ‘Operation Just Cause’ and is about regaining control of the Panama Canal. As the US helped Panama get free of Columbia, it was important to keep control over the Panama Canal, this being an important trade route. As Manuel Noriega got involved in narcotics trading using the same route, George H. W. Bush ordered his removal from power.

The third episode is titled ‘Operation Pimlico’ and is about a double agent being rescued from Moscow after his cover got blown. The following episodes are the same and pay homage to the tasks successfully carried out by the US military.

The episodes are titled as per the missions carried out in history and the makers did it right when they decided about what was going to be their first episode. Everyone knows who Osama bin Laden is and how a terrorist attack was carried out at the World Trade Center.

When this was decided as the first episode, it picked up my interest only to slowly realize that a narrative this long is boring. The narrators go into exhausting details that might look interesting to the audience who are a fan of military execution and evacuation stories.

The main problem with Spy Ops, the new Netflix documentary is that in all the eight episodes, we get to hear just one side’s story. What is projected upon the audience is how the US felt and how they “tackled” things. A better approach for making this documentary would have been if they had shown the narratives from both sides. The approach followed in Spy Ops makes up for the US narrative.

Whenever a story like the one in Spy Ops is shown, the audience wants to hear both sides. This is beneficial as we can learn what happened in real and how it played for both sides. A unilateral approach fails in clearing the incidents making them appear like a “power problem.”

As said earlier, Spy Ops has eight episodes with an average duration of 40 minutes each. Every episode is about a different mission and how the US mobilized its resources to fix the issue. From the first episode itself, I felt bored because of the above-stated reasons.

In all, Spy Ops is not something you should go for to gain knowledge of major events where the US military was involved. Rather than this, search for these missions on any webpage or a good and reliable book. The series is boring and makes you yawn. It also seems partial and unjust. Spy Ops might not be what the documentary buffs are looking for.

Spy Ops Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online