Tahir's House Review 2023 Tv Show
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Tahir’s House Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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Tahir’s House Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Every family has its own share of problems. From far away, they may seem quite ordinary, but on a closer look, we find how it deals with its unique issues and what a comedy of errors can stem from them. The new series Tahir’s House tells the story of a unique family, where each member has some idiosyncrasies, and there is little to no reconciliation between them. The result is that the family is never on the same page. In recent years, many shows have revolved around the intricacies of family dynamics, especially in comedies, and Tahir’s House presents us with a Saudi version of a crazy family with eclectic family members.

Tahir’s House‘ plot hinges on an herb named Habsa and the license to grow and sell it. Now, what Habsa does to men gets clearer over the course of the series, but it isn’t really that important ultimately. What matters are the characters and how their interpersonal relationships are affected by the introduction of Habsa. Jumaa, the head honcho and patriarch of the Tahir household, is disappointed in his son Youssef, for he doesn’t want to take the legacy of his fish store forward. Youssef wants out, yet there isn’t really a cold war going on over here. Jumaa is just tired of all of it. He is the grumpy old father, with no vigor left in him. Ever since his wife died, he hasn’t quite been the same. He married another woman, but that sweet old libido is eluding the old man. Here is where the mystery herb comes in. It was a panacea. Everybody’s problems were going to be solved. But were they?

Tahir’s House, with its hand-held camera, borrows from the mockumentary style, but there aren’t any ‘breaking the fourth wall’ type shenanigans. The show is a blend of the old sitcoms and the new TV-Series that move towards a specific objective. It feels fresh, but the flow of the story doesn’t have that extra gear to make things interesting. The characters aren’t interesting enough for us to be able to predict whether a sitcom version of the story could have worked better. The show waited for the finale of the season to make things interesting, but it came too late. There are Jumaa, Youssef, Aziza, and Jumaa’s mother-in-law in the Tahir household. This is the immediate family. Well, there is Karim, too, who works as a florist and is like a brother to Youssef. There are Leen and Aida in the show as well. Generally, six is the maximum number of characters, whose arcs the audience can usually follow. Here are seven. In the beginning, everyone seemed important. Later, a few of the characters seemed redundant or like they were just there to act as a plot device.

The comedy in the series is a result of the interaction between the characters and the situations they get in. There is no one running gag, apart from the fact that the Habsa license seems to be eluding everyone for one reason or another. Some of the activities given to the characters are random. Jumaa used to be in a band, and he even sang in one of the episodes, but why was it even mentioned? The dialogue is very snappy, but the performers are figuring out the style of the show, and they try too hard to make the scenario work. One of my favorite things about the show was, that it had some room for Pathos.

Leen and Karim’s love story was truly absurd, and yet there was the fact that he is an orphan, which made it work. There was a sincere attempt to show the love and care in a family, where bickering and getting up and leaving the conversation midway were common occurrences. The show tried to gain universality with its depiction of the Tahirs. The truth is that the Habsa plot was too thin to be engaging after a certain point. Youssef ran everywhere to get the money to overhaul Jumaa’s store, which has been running since the fifteenth century, if the store’s banner is to be believed. They always sold fish, and now this Habsa was a profit-making drug. The show seemed to be missing a second hinge, which could have made things interesting. After a while, the characters began to lose their color.

Tahir’s House may very well be renewed for a second season, and it isn’t a bad show. All it needs is a little bit of work in the writing and acting departments. The comedy followed the pattern of ‘…and then’, meaning the sequences became linked very simplistically, one after the other. One thing happened, and then another thing happened. Some characters repeated the same gesture over and over again. The comedy in a few scenes was derived from exaggerated performances that felt dated.

The performances by the actors are decent, although they could have been a lot better. The costumes of each of the characters caught my eye in many scenes. Leen, being a fashion designer, had to have a wardrobe that represented the character, and the costume department of the series did a fantastic job. Some locations seem very empty, and the Art Department is to blame. The music, especially in a few scenes involving Aida and Youssef, is sublime. It was a bit out of place, to be honest, as it morphed the sitcom into a rom-com.

Tahir’s House is a fun ride, if one is in the mood to watch something very lighthearted. There are no solemn moments and no great life lessons either, just the Tahirs going about their business of becoming rich by trying to sell Habsa. They tumble and fumble in their way and venture too easily on a dangerous path, all the while trying to figure out whom to blame for the mess.

Tahir’s House Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online