The Changwon Karaoke

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The Changwon Karaoke Festival is one of the biggest karaoke festivals in South Korea. The event has attracted tens of thousands of people from all over the world to sing their hearts out. This year’s competition featured preliminary competitions held in 16 countries and 30,000 participants. The grand prize went to the boy group JAM and the solo performer Karla Carreon, and the event featured guest performances by K-pop sensations T-ara, Secret, MBLAQ, and CNBLUE.

Background Melodies

Background melodies are instrumental tracks that are used to accompany singers. They are very important for singers at all levels. They are recorded without the vocal parts and used in karaoke performances, voice-overs, remixes, and even as the basis for new songs.


Unlike American bars, Korean karaoke locations are not usually in public. Instead, you can rent a private room and sing with your friends. This type of activity is especially good for shy people or groups of friends. It is recommended to make reservations before visiting a karaoke room. Changwon is one of Korea’s top entertainment cities, boasting numerous karaoke rooms, and countless bars. It’s located just a short bus ride from Busan, and offers a charming downtown with trees and urban parks. The city also has decent beaches and hiking trails.

Song List

Although the decor of a Changwon karaoke club varies widely, all have a song list, which includes song titles and numerical codes. While much of the selection is in Korean, the list also includes English songs, as well as pop and rock. It’s a great place to sing your favorite tunes in front of others! The game also contains downloadable songs. These songs can be found on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace websites. Previously, the Xbox 360 version included a song called Black Velvet, which was accidentally downloaded as Hemorrhage (In My Hands). The Xbox 360 version has since fixed the problem.


The Noraebang is a private room where you can sing and play music videos. There is musical accompaniment provided, which makes it a safe and private atmosphere. The prices are about 20,000won an hour and vary from noraebang to noraebang.

Noraebangs are a great way to unwind with friends. Be prepared to sing a few of your own songs, and don’t worry if your songs aren’t very good. If you’re not good enough to sing Korean, don’t worry – there are plenty of songs in English for those who don’t. You can also give someone else a chance to sing by mixing up the song lists. You can choose from solo singing rooms or groups singing together. Solo noraebangs usually cost around 2,000won an hour, but you can also choose a Coin noraebang, which costs 500won per song. The price per song usually decreases as you purchase more songs. Popular new songs get sung a lot at noraebangs.

Drug Parties

The Vietnamese community in Busan has been impacted by a spate of drug parties. According to the local police, karaoke bars and Vietnamese-only clubs have been notorious for hosting drug parties. Foreign students and international workers have been among the victims. While it’s unclear how many of the arrested were involved in the drug parties, the police have identified five salespeople and a Vietnamese man who is the main drug dealer.

In a separate incident, the Vietnamese embassy in Busan has requested that South Korea protect the rights of Vietnamese citizens. The Vietnamese government’s Foreign Ministry has expressed its concerns over this incident, urging the country to take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of its citizens.

The Changwon Karaoke