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The Diplomat 2023 Movie Review

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The Diplomat 2023 Movie Review

Firstly, Keri Russell was genius to attain executive producer status, and clearly exercised her influence with the showrunner. Russell’s performance was well crafted and finely honed, including decisions down to the length of her fingernails. It is stupendous to see how skillfully she has navigated the business side of Hollywood, and makes the ultimate point that — you’re not a bitch when you act in good faith to do the right thing.

Secondly, both the strory arc and subplots actually seem plausible to a person such as myself, who has zero diplomatic experience, and could even use some in dealing with personal life issues. With a believability factor, and performances that are not over-the-top hystrionic, The Diplomat renews faith in what can be achieved with a civilized system of government, despite individual controversy.

Thirdly, it is very refreshing to watch a clever show free of overt gratuitous comicbook & video game violence. The fact that it is the #1 TV show on Netflix plainly demonstrates that violence is not necessary for a show to be successful.