The Hill 2023 Movie
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The Hill 2023 Movie Review

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The Hill 2023 Movie Review

Usually Christian drama flicks like this get extremely bogged down with heavy-handed prioritisation of their messaging over their stories, technical craft, and characters.

While The Hill does sometimes get preachy and sometimes is held back by corny dialogue or poor supporting actors, it excels because it gives thought and care to the important elements of filmmaking.

It’s gorgeously shot on film and sensitively directed, always visually emphasising its characters’ psychology to great effect. And the script avoids succumbing too much to sports drama cliches by always keeping the focus on personal triumph over merely winning the game. It’s a human story in the shell of a Christian sports film.

And these humans are brought wonderfully to life by these actors. Aside from a handful of poor supporting cast members, the leads really kill it-even the child actors.

Dennis Quaid is the obvious standout, bringing so much life and emotion to his character that isn’t necessarily on the page. His character’s arc is the soul of this movie, and if there were any justice in the industry, Quaid would be in serious consideration for awards next year.

Long live baseball, and long live Dennis Quaid.

The Hill 2023 Movie Review