The Matchmaker 2023 Movie
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The Matchmaker 2023 Movie Review

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The Matchmaker 2023 Movie Review

The Matchmaker Review: The psychological thriller drama film is directed by Abdulmohsin Aldabaan and produced by Telfaz11. With a runtime of about 1 hour and 21 minutes, it is said to be filmed entirely in AlUla, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Saudi Arabia. The spectacular location possesses 200,000 years of unexplored history and the film showcases its magnificence on screen.

The ensemble cast of the film includes Hussam Al Harthy as Tarek, Reem Alhabib, Nour Al Khadhraa as Salma, Rahaf Ibraheem, Asim Al Awwad, Nadia Almotery, Naif Abdulrahman, Jubran Al Jubran, Abdulaziz Al Mubaddil, Adel Al Johany and others.

Before anyone tunes into the film, they should brace themselves to keep on watching with an open mind and pick up the clues, to put the two together. From the initial minute, the film sets a mysterious tone which is often seen in jumpscare movies but nothing of that sort happens here & rather the same eeriness prevails.

The story follows an IT worker named Tarek, who lives a rather boring life. He has a wife and a daughter but it’s evident that he doesn’t really have any emotional connection to them & just playing the role of a father figure. Instead, he tries to find the adrenaline rush in his life by spying in his neighbour’s bedroom and becomes infatuated with his office’s beautiful intern.

There are subtle elements in the film that shows the modern conversation that we can see on the infamous podcasts, that discuss gender roles and emphasise orthodox views. Tarek feels powerless & his only outlet to feel understood is those podcasts & that’s where his sudden motivation comes from, to pursue his crush & follow her to a desert resort, which promises to bring all his desires come true.

Even if there are no mystical elements involved, deserts are places where one can encounter unexpected things. Also, shot at the striking backdrop of AlUla, which is steeped in history and brings an undercurrent of magic. But there’s also an ancient power looming over which makes everything look bizarre and suspicious.

The place which he thought will unite him with his crush & transform his life for the better, turns out to be something else entirely. The people look like walking zombies and the secret behind it all is revealed pretty early on in the film. While watching the story unfold, the viewers are in the same position as Tarek and discover new things, as they come his way.

However, there are many questions that are left unanswered. Even if there are mystical forces involved, it doesn’t answer how it became such a large-scale thing & what happens to the guests afterwards. It keeps us guessing till the end to get some solid answers, yet it ends on a note which is even more puzzling.

At the core, it’s a movie about taking revenge or giving the corrupt/bad men of the society, what they truly deserve. It blends the modern and ancient worlds in a way to tell a simple plot of how temptation draws people in & its consequences that they have to bear for the rest of their lives. However, it could be a cultural thing as well, that I was not able to understand all the nuances.

The Matchmaker Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, it’s a unique watch & if you like watching mystery thrillers with a bit of horror, then this might just be your cup of tea. There’s a still eeriness to it that pulls you in & makes you curious to figure out, what’s even happening. This film is meant to be watched when you feel like catching up on something that requires a bit more attention & definitely patience.

The Matchmaker is currently streaming on Netflix.

The Matchmaker 2023 Movie Review