The Nine Money Award

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The Nine Money Award has been around for almost thirty years, and it is one of the world’s largest awards programs. It is presented to individuals and businesses for their outstanding contributions to the arts community. The Award is sponsored by the nonprofit organization Arts for Social Good, and the winners are chosen by the public. You can learn more about the Nominations process and the Winners here. If you want to learn more about Nine Money Award, you can visit the website. 


This year, there were a total of nine Nominations for the Nine Money Award. These awards are presented to individuals or groups that have made an outstanding contribution to the field of music. Winners will be announced at the Falling Walls Science Summit in Berlin. The winners of each category will present their work on the Breakthrough Stage. The best picture category saw eight films nominated. However, The Imitation Game dominated the list with eight nods, while the film “Boyhood” took the best actor and director prize. The Grand Budapest Hotel and Boyhood also received nods in other categories.


The 2009 Nine Money Awards have been announced, and this year’s winners are San Bernardino, California, San Diego, Texas, and the Florida State’s Attorney’s Office. The award program recognizes the best in financial innovation, and each of the winners were selected by a panel of financial professionals.

Nominations Process 

The nominations process for the Nine Money Award is open to ACWA members, committee members, region board members, and staff of a public agency. Individuals are not eligible to be nominated if they’ve previously won the award. However, previous award winners are encouraged to reapply. Nominees who are not selected will automatically re-enter the competition for two years.

Nominations must be submitted to IDEM’s Office of Program Support. Applicants must meet eligibility requirements and provide detailed information about their project. They must demonstrate quantifiable data and voluntary action to improve their community’s health and safety. Their project must also have a good reputation in the field of environmental health and safety. Unresolved compliance issues and enforcement actions are also disqualifying factors.

The Nomination process for the Nine Money Award is open to members of the current or previous Worldcon. Members of the current Worldcon are eligible to vote for the award, but are not required to be in attendance to vote. Each person may cast only one nomination ballot. Supporting membership is available for those who cannot attend Worldcon, but would like to participate in the nomination process.

The committee coordinator will manage the nomination process and will prepare the nomination letter and jury acceptance form. They will also track the nomination process and the appointment process, and will ensure that all juries are timely in their selection process. They will also coordinate the process and make sure that all deadlines are met, as well as the ordering of citations and award monies.

The Nine Money Award